Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I'm headed back to atlanta for a few hours just to get my things. I'm
on the bus and this sucks! Usually, I have no problem with the bus.. But
I do have a problem when the bus is 30min late, the back seats have red
stuff, stains, and crumbs all over them (ew), and someone keeps passing
gas on here!!! I've taken my candy apple spray out many times and
sprayed it to save myself from yelling at the top of my lungs on this
bus.. Or even worse, DYING. Ugh.. Shoot me now
And to top it all off, I'm so jittery thanks to this picture my sister
showed me today EW. I have a phobia.. And that picture sure did trigger
it badly. I'm itchy all over, it feels like something is on my skin when
nothing is there!!! I deleted the photo from my email in hopes of
forgetting it. I hate that my sister sends me stuff that she KNOWS will
gross me out. I tried listening to my ipod but all I could envision was
that nasty picture

I wanna yell. Seriously.
And now I have to go to the bathroom.. How great is that?
Screw I will hold it.

Umm I'm afraid of like 98% of peoples driving, its not helping that I'm
feeling this bus swerve and can't see what's going on because its dark

I'm about to google ways to overcome a phobia

---sorry if this blog made no sense to you

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