Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Hmmm If only I could choose exactly what I wish I was doing at the
moment, and with whom...
If that were the case, the dream I had earlier would live on for the
rest of my life if it were up to me :]

I'm still up.. When I shouldn't be, but that's what I get for taking
such a long nap during the late afternoon hours!
---I failed to mention just how WONDERFUL the show ended up being :]
So yessss so come see The Wiz at the Lucas Theater in downtown Savannah
this weekend.. You'll enjoy it!

We have performed 3 shows thus far, and we have 3 more to go. There's a
lot of photos posted on facebook from the play, I will grab a few a post
them here

..sorry I've kinda been MIA on everyones blogs, I haven't been on the
computer.. nor have I had much time to be, but my retarded sidekick
won't let me post blog comments!!
Oh but I JUST figured out how to sign onto my account from my phone
I just trick it by going through google first lol.

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