Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A lot of relationships topics have been coming up lately within the past
like week or so. Certain people trying to build relationships, lovers
becoming engaged, people REdating their EX-lovers, soon to be married
ones completely splitting before tying the knot, anniversaries, and even
long distance lovers <3 (which it has been proven it CAN work :] )
That said, whenever I have mentioned Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's names
over time in a way to use them as a great example of a trusting,
beautiful, loving relationship (and of course I'm speaking from the
outside looking in)
but I've always heard people say: "They have 3 somes" "They're swingers"
"They sleep with other people" "It was in their marriage vows that they
could sleep with other people" ETC.
---now I don't know about you all, but the news was 100% new to me lol
so I did what I do best, I googled it :]
And of course nothing says which one is True.. But according to the
sites they most def do SOMETHING like it.
I don't believe they're swingers, nor do I believe that they have sex
with other people one on one, but the 3some thing just might be it? ---I
remember how Will Smith said that if he's on set with a gorgeous lady,
Jada will go with him to make sure nothing gets out of hand lol. So I
don't think that they just go sleeping with other people separately

Now my thing is, a lot of their fans were disappointed about this (I
read the comments on different sites about the topic)
And people saying things like "Why get married in the first place? I'm
so grossed out" and blah blah blah! I hate when people say such negative
things when they don't know the full story, NOR DOES IT HAVE ANYTHING TO
Honestly, I thought "WOW they must have the most amazing trust in one
But my little sister begs to differ (hey that rhymed lol!) she's like
"That's not healthy for a relationship and they don't have trust!"
And then I'm like "well clearly it works for them, they've been together
for years, and even if they do have 3 somes, or sleep with other people,
there HAS to be a lot of trust for them to know that their lover is
always gonna be there regardless of anything"
And I quote from Will Smith: "Me and Jada just decided years ago, that
hey, WE ARE GOING TO BE TOGETHER and that's it"

So, being all super jealous, and having no trust in your lover won't get
you very far! No I'm not saying do what they do, nor do you have to
agree... you just have to meet in the middle on a agreement because
But clearly whatever their secret is, it works for them!

So I still look at them the same way, they look AMAZING together and I
love hearing them talk about each other. You can tell that their love is
genuine.. I want that kind of love lol awwwww

Secrets to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett happy marriage

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