Sunday, July 12, 2009

new spot

I need to go to some of these hotspots in downtown Savannah that I was too young to go to before I had moved away lol.

I love the flare downtown... its perfect for me, very artistic and stuff
not only that but I know a lot of the people. Savannah College of Art and Design like RUN the downtown area. you've got your hip hop heads, your grungie people, your hippies, your music lovers, the rockers, afrocentric people... yeah :]

i love crowds like that.. everyone becomes ONE and thats how it should be you know?
this place is like one of those underground club spots, not your average ghetto club where you might get shot lmao or knocked upside the head with a bottle of Patron like they did Trina when she was performing here lmao so horrible.

Ive just outgrown those lame areas, I like to just chill and dance... mingle yeah lol
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