Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lastnight :[

The last show was by far the best (aside from friday's 8pm show) people
don't realize it but the audience plays a HUGE part in what kind of
energy we bring to the stage, and Lastnight the crowd was grand... so we
put on a grand performance in return!
I took photos with my hanger thingy that had all of my costumes and all
of the parts that I played ::tear:: lol.. And I did it 3 different times
just to see who would "appear" in the photo ..just because lol (mostly
crazy dancers).
The last 2 photos is the crowd of fans that greeted us when we came
around to the front of the theater, asking for our autographs or ways to
contact us... that was truly amazing
Though I still find it funny that people ask for my autograph lol
--and I'm mad that my own sister asked me for my autograph too, and was
100% SERIOUS lol
I'm like "JENNIFER!! You don't need this I'm your sister!!" lol

Oh and to top it off, a guy approached me after the play and said "I
know you don't remember me but we went to middle school together in the
6th grade.. You were amazing"
I'm like "RICHARD!!!!!! OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU, we were such good
buddies back then!" lol he didn't expect me to remember him.. But I
never forget a face, let alone someone that I actually KNEW once upon a
time. So of course I just told him to add me on facebook lol.

So next year, this director for the play RENT will be casting.. And
guess what, he came to the show yesterday and said he fell in love with
our cast.
How unfortunate I don't plan to be here in Savannah for it, but who
knows.. If the play is during the summer time again, maybe I could be?

The highlight for today is:
Yayyyyyyy I'm so excited!! Everyone knows how much I enjoy anything
dealing with water and swimsuits lol and plus with some of my best
buddies.. So it'll be great :]
I heard there's gonna be a lot of food and sweets
Heck yeaaah!

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