Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun day

Clearly thats my daddy! And clearly I was eating water melon on the
beach lol...
We drove around town all day, handled business, had fun, bought crap..
Yeah lol

Yeeees we went to the beach today! And guess what I saw for the first
time ever!? A HORSESHOE CRAB!!!
Dude, I was raised around the water, we are fishers.. so I've seen like
a lot of ocean creatures.
--But today was the first time I had ever seen a horseshoe crab
This guy was holding it by its pointy tail thingy, and I ran to the
shore to see it cause I was in shock that I was actually seeing one lol,
and the guy said "I was just in the water and all of a sudden this
horseshoe crab grabbed my foot, and was trying drag me deep into the
water with it!!"
Oh screw that.. I mean I have been attacked by crabs, shrimp, and
jellyfish while in the ocean water .. But um that horseshoe crab has a
lot of claws : /
TOO BAD I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE because I DID touch it :]

Oh yeah that last picture is random.. Don't know why I took it lol but
its a photo of our truck being checked by the army.. Dude, I'm wondering
why my little sister doesn't have any freaking ID on her while we are
going onto the army base with my daddy!? Aside from that, why doesn't
she have it on her while she's in another country!?
They made us all get out of the car, they checked inside, under the hood
of the car, the trunk, and even UNDER the car! Yeah.. It wasn't a good
thing for my daddy to say "my youngest daughter is from germany, she
doesn't have her ID"
Lmao horrible.. And ANNOYING


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