Friday, July 31, 2009


its her new videooooo but of course i got some sucky version because YOUTUBE sucks buns now
but.. people always asked me how did i learn to move my hips and my torso in such a fluid motion, well this is how! Ive always watched her videos, and I remember when I was a little girl and COULDN'T move my hips at all.---Then Shakira came out with her video "WHENEVER WHEREVER" when I was middle school. Dude, Id watch that video every morning before school and do every move that she did lol. Thanks to this lady, I'm able to move like a bellydancer, it also comes in handy when Im doing reggae dances :]

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A lot of relationships topics have been coming up lately within the past
like week or so. Certain people trying to build relationships, lovers
becoming engaged, people REdating their EX-lovers, soon to be married
ones completely splitting before tying the knot, anniversaries, and even
long distance lovers <3 (which it has been proven it CAN work :] )
That said, whenever I have mentioned Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's names
over time in a way to use them as a great example of a trusting,
beautiful, loving relationship (and of course I'm speaking from the
outside looking in)
but I've always heard people say: "They have 3 somes" "They're swingers"
"They sleep with other people" "It was in their marriage vows that they
could sleep with other people" ETC.
---now I don't know about you all, but the news was 100% new to me lol
so I did what I do best, I googled it :]
And of course nothing says which one is True.. But according to the
sites they most def do SOMETHING like it.
I don't believe they're swingers, nor do I believe that they have sex
with other people one on one, but the 3some thing just might be it? ---I
remember how Will Smith said that if he's on set with a gorgeous lady,
Jada will go with him to make sure nothing gets out of hand lol. So I
don't think that they just go sleeping with other people separately

Now my thing is, a lot of their fans were disappointed about this (I
read the comments on different sites about the topic)
And people saying things like "Why get married in the first place? I'm
so grossed out" and blah blah blah! I hate when people say such negative
things when they don't know the full story, NOR DOES IT HAVE ANYTHING TO
Honestly, I thought "WOW they must have the most amazing trust in one
But my little sister begs to differ (hey that rhymed lol!) she's like
"That's not healthy for a relationship and they don't have trust!"
And then I'm like "well clearly it works for them, they've been together
for years, and even if they do have 3 somes, or sleep with other people,
there HAS to be a lot of trust for them to know that their lover is
always gonna be there regardless of anything"
And I quote from Will Smith: "Me and Jada just decided years ago, that
hey, WE ARE GOING TO BE TOGETHER and that's it"

So, being all super jealous, and having no trust in your lover won't get
you very far! No I'm not saying do what they do, nor do you have to
agree... you just have to meet in the middle on a agreement because
But clearly whatever their secret is, it works for them!

So I still look at them the same way, they look AMAZING together and I
love hearing them talk about each other. You can tell that their love is
genuine.. I want that kind of love lol awwwww

Secrets to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett happy marriage

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Foxy Brown"

Is the name I've been called lately lol... I've seriously gotten kissed
by the sun this summer.
I love hot weather :]

I ran into my buddy Anthony today, he was supposed to play the Tin Man
in THE WIZ originally but he had something big come up with his modeling
He's gonna try to hook me up with a few people here :]
So um yeah, I might be active sooner than what I thought in that
category again lol.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lastnight :[

The last show was by far the best (aside from friday's 8pm show) people
don't realize it but the audience plays a HUGE part in what kind of
energy we bring to the stage, and Lastnight the crowd was grand... so we
put on a grand performance in return!
I took photos with my hanger thingy that had all of my costumes and all
of the parts that I played ::tear:: lol.. And I did it 3 different times
just to see who would "appear" in the photo ..just because lol (mostly
crazy dancers).
The last 2 photos is the crowd of fans that greeted us when we came
around to the front of the theater, asking for our autographs or ways to
contact us... that was truly amazing
Though I still find it funny that people ask for my autograph lol
--and I'm mad that my own sister asked me for my autograph too, and was
100% SERIOUS lol
I'm like "JENNIFER!! You don't need this I'm your sister!!" lol

Oh and to top it off, a guy approached me after the play and said "I
know you don't remember me but we went to middle school together in the
6th grade.. You were amazing"
I'm like "RICHARD!!!!!! OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU, we were such good
buddies back then!" lol he didn't expect me to remember him.. But I
never forget a face, let alone someone that I actually KNEW once upon a
time. So of course I just told him to add me on facebook lol.

So next year, this director for the play RENT will be casting.. And
guess what, he came to the show yesterday and said he fell in love with
our cast.
How unfortunate I don't plan to be here in Savannah for it, but who
knows.. If the play is during the summer time again, maybe I could be?

The highlight for today is:
Yayyyyyyy I'm so excited!! Everyone knows how much I enjoy anything
dealing with water and swimsuits lol and plus with some of my best
buddies.. So it'll be great :]
I heard there's gonna be a lot of food and sweets
Heck yeaaah!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun day

Clearly thats my daddy! And clearly I was eating water melon on the
beach lol...
We drove around town all day, handled business, had fun, bought crap..
Yeah lol

Yeeees we went to the beach today! And guess what I saw for the first
time ever!? A HORSESHOE CRAB!!!
Dude, I was raised around the water, we are fishers.. so I've seen like
a lot of ocean creatures.
--But today was the first time I had ever seen a horseshoe crab
This guy was holding it by its pointy tail thingy, and I ran to the
shore to see it cause I was in shock that I was actually seeing one lol,
and the guy said "I was just in the water and all of a sudden this
horseshoe crab grabbed my foot, and was trying drag me deep into the
water with it!!"
Oh screw that.. I mean I have been attacked by crabs, shrimp, and
jellyfish while in the ocean water .. But um that horseshoe crab has a
lot of claws : /
TOO BAD I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE because I DID touch it :]

Oh yeah that last picture is random.. Don't know why I took it lol but
its a photo of our truck being checked by the army.. Dude, I'm wondering
why my little sister doesn't have any freaking ID on her while we are
going onto the army base with my daddy!? Aside from that, why doesn't
she have it on her while she's in another country!?
They made us all get out of the car, they checked inside, under the hood
of the car, the trunk, and even UNDER the car! Yeah.. It wasn't a good
thing for my daddy to say "my youngest daughter is from germany, she
doesn't have her ID"
Lmao horrible.. And ANNOYING


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Be Adventurous

My mother just sent me this photo of the scenery wherever she is... I
think she's in California because on one of the other photos it said
IRVIN or whatever, and I think that's in cali.
My mother is a truck driver so she's always in and out of so many
different states..
Speaking of my parents; my daddy with be here in Savannah on thursday
with my step mother, and I believe my step sister is coming too. They'll
be coming to see me perform this friday :]

--Ok back to the topic lol
I've never been to california before, but I do have a few cousins and an
aunt that lives close to LA.. I need to visit one day.

I'd like to be able to travel the world with my lover one day, that
would be amazing. In state and out of state... heck more like out of
this country lol..just embracing the beauty of our Earth!
And enjoying each other :]

Monday, July 20, 2009

Backstage.Warm-ups.and Performing.

Lmao@ my monkey outfit! It is so not cute lol and HOT... what kind of
monkey has that short tail!? Lmao I told them "please have a real tail
for me next weekend" lol
But I like shakin my bum in that costume cause it makes me look like I
have a big butt hahaha

These are just a few pictures from the 3 shows this weekend
I love theater.. We have such great memories with the people we perform
with :]

Sweet Dreams

Hmmm If only I could choose exactly what I wish I was doing at the
moment, and with whom...
If that were the case, the dream I had earlier would live on for the
rest of my life if it were up to me :]

I'm still up.. When I shouldn't be, but that's what I get for taking
such a long nap during the late afternoon hours!
---I failed to mention just how WONDERFUL the show ended up being :]
So yessss so come see The Wiz at the Lucas Theater in downtown Savannah
this weekend.. You'll enjoy it!

We have performed 3 shows thus far, and we have 3 more to go. There's a
lot of photos posted on facebook from the play, I will grab a few a post
them here

..sorry I've kinda been MIA on everyones blogs, I haven't been on the
computer.. nor have I had much time to be, but my retarded sidekick
won't let me post blog comments!!
Oh but I JUST figured out how to sign onto my account from my phone
I just trick it by going through google first lol.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Me and the choreographer (and also my dance teacher :]) Muriel
yeah we basically make the Lion get high lol!! We were cracking up this
picture because of the big flower head piece that we have to wear while
we are the Poppies. We dance very sexy while taking over the Lion too

I'm headed home from practice..
Things have been very busy busy busy, and I hope this show turns out
well, they screwed up our music so many times tonight.. Ugh
Um. Yeah.
There's mixed feelings about this play, a lot of things to be displeased
about (THE COSTUMES MOSTLY), there's no structure really but the
performers are amazing...

Um um um we will see what happens lol

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Wiz in Savannah, GA at Lucas Theatre

Look what I found, the local news channel is talking about us :]
We were just on the news a few days ago actually!

So tonight was TECH NIGHT.. Ughhh everyone hates tech night lol..
Basically we came in, tried on all of our costumes (MY "FLYING MONKEY"
OUTFIT IS SOOOO OUT OF CONTROL LMAO) sat around, watched the guys put on
the finishing touches to the set, and did a couple of things on stage..
And that was it!
I did a tiny bit of dancing.. But I did NOT sweat!!! Now that's amazing
lol I've never went to practice and didn't sweat lol.
So basically tech night is just a laid back thing. Too bad I didn't have
service on my cellphone in the theater :[

We have the same thing tomorrow.. But we will run the full show, full
makeup, full costumes!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

new spot

I need to go to some of these hotspots in downtown Savannah that I was too young to go to before I had moved away lol.

I love the flare downtown... its perfect for me, very artistic and stuff
not only that but I know a lot of the people. Savannah College of Art and Design like RUN the downtown area. you've got your hip hop heads, your grungie people, your hippies, your music lovers, the rockers, afrocentric people... yeah :]

i love crowds like that.. everyone becomes ONE and thats how it should be you know?
this place is like one of those underground club spots, not your average ghetto club where you might get shot lmao or knocked upside the head with a bottle of Patron like they did Trina when she was performing here lmao so horrible.

Ive just outgrown those lame areas, I like to just chill and dance... mingle yeah lol

my twin lol

Ahhh I saw Ashley today!!
Dude... this is a girl that people mistaken me for all of the time
around savannah, or they always come up to me or her and say "you look
just like this girl I know!"

She saw me downtown today and said "I was in Target and I saw one of
your friends, he's like 'YOU LOOK JUST LIKE VANISHA!!!'"

Ashley used to wear an afro too.. its funny because people STILL
mistaken me for her even now when she has locks lol.
I don't mind :] she's pretty and we both dress wild! She's a NEW JERSEY
girl, a graphic designer, and 1 year older than me :]

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I love Savannah :]

an amazing place with a lot of history..
If you've never been..
You must come.
Its lovely :]

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can you admit it?

It bothers me when a persons stubborn ways can ruin any situation.
Especially, if they can't do AWAY with their habit of being stuck in
their ways (pride? ego?) Don't get me wrong: I KNOW I AM STUBBORN, I AM
A TAURUS (lol) but as Ive matured over the years.. I have learned how to
NOT BE so stubborn in certain cases that may cause uncalled for
conflict. Its so not even worth it!

People need to take a good long look at themselves in the mirror and
recognize their flaws. We all have them! Trust me on this though: If you
can honestly admit your flaw(s) to a person.. I bet your family, lover,
friends etc would embrace you even more so.

Usually a person needs a shoulder to lean on, someone that's gonna BE
there, and love them for who they are as a person... so don't be afraid
of admitting anything.

even more so, don't be afraid of trying to better yourself as a person

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yum yum

Now that's a lot of German chocolate :]
My sister Jennifer brought us a lot of it!! Its so so so much more
better than like 90% of American cholocate (Dove is the best:] and I
love the Hershey's cookies and cream candy bars) but I guess it all
depends on what you like. I like RICH CHOCOLATE though..

I brought Jennifer with me to dance practice tonight, she enjoyed it a
lot. I've decided that I'm gonna bring her to dance practice with me
whenever I go probably, and she's most def gonna start training at the
dance studio with muriel (my dance teacher) while she's here :]

Sunday, July 5, 2009

im excited :]

my little sister Jennifer is flying over from germany any minute now, she will be here in savannah with me and my middle sister for over a month!


Friday, July 3, 2009

As I said before.. I knew the day would get very interesting (referring
to yesterday)
Yup just remember that whatever you do to a person, there's always
something to come behind it.
Whether its good or bad...
But I'm quite positive SOMEONE will be seeing the bad end of things
sooner or later.
That's what happens when you let your anger get the best of you, but not
in all cases.
When you are completely mean to someone that doesn't deserve that sort
of treatment, that's when It'll make a
Complete U-turn to come back around and bite you on the butt.

I finally made it to atlanta and got my things. I'm very glad that
situation is over..

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I'm headed back to atlanta for a few hours just to get my things. I'm
on the bus and this sucks! Usually, I have no problem with the bus.. But
I do have a problem when the bus is 30min late, the back seats have red
stuff, stains, and crumbs all over them (ew), and someone keeps passing
gas on here!!! I've taken my candy apple spray out many times and
sprayed it to save myself from yelling at the top of my lungs on this
bus.. Or even worse, DYING. Ugh.. Shoot me now
And to top it all off, I'm so jittery thanks to this picture my sister
showed me today EW. I have a phobia.. And that picture sure did trigger
it badly. I'm itchy all over, it feels like something is on my skin when
nothing is there!!! I deleted the photo from my email in hopes of
forgetting it. I hate that my sister sends me stuff that she KNOWS will
gross me out. I tried listening to my ipod but all I could envision was
that nasty picture

I wanna yell. Seriously.
And now I have to go to the bathroom.. How great is that?
Screw I will hold it.

Umm I'm afraid of like 98% of peoples driving, its not helping that I'm
feeling this bus swerve and can't see what's going on because its dark

I'm about to google ways to overcome a phobia

---sorry if this blog made no sense to you