Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes lashes!

Haha I got them done yesterday
It looks like a have make up on, guess that makes a big difference with
lipgloss on too lol, I might get them done again for the shows next
month when I perform too if this doesn't last.

Dude it was 100 degrees today! I love hot weather, but I'm mad I didn't
make it to the beach like I wanted to. Tomorrow is gonna be 105 degrees
(according to my mother but I thought it was 100) so lets see If I can
make it to the beach tomorrow!?

My ankle started to flare up again! I guess because this was the first
day that I DIDN'T ice it.. Actually, today was the first day that I
DIDN'T wear flipflops either in like a week and a half lol. When your
foot and ankle are swollen, you really don't have many shoe options : /
Sooo I wanted to start running again tomorrow morning, guess that's
out.. I have to back this up until my ankle fully recovers
...the elbow pains are back again too... I keep forgetting to take my
joint vitamins..ugh. My elbow cracked so loud numerous times today to
the point I'm either yelling "OUCH!!" or "AHH!" lol this is no joke..

I will remember to take those huge dumb vitamins in the morning.

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