Sunday, June 7, 2009

wild weekend

Me and kayla had a long weekend, so it seemed.. there's no way possible
I could ever live in Valdosta, Georgia. Its one of those smallllll
cities (most def smaller than savannah) that has nothing going on BUT
its college life lol. Valdosta State University runs that city.

Umm we went to the strip club which was a lot of fun actually, had a lot
of laughs..
Guy: what were yall doin at da strip club!?
That strip club was a flamin hot mess lol

we partied at a few different clubs/ bars lastnight, we were so sweaty
in that place dancing, then people started dropping money on me and
kayla lmao she was tucking it in my pants haha. She was the one that was
out of control, not me (cause you know I'm high off of life lol).. I
just happened to be sitting on the stage under her while the money was
dropping lol. I was busy laughing so hard of course..
I met kayla's bestfriend who was superrrr cool, and I also met a lot of
cool FRAT guys (they were Q's) they were so funny!
so here's the sour parts:
the annoying guys trying to grab me at the club like they know me.. I
witnessed some WILD things lastnight : / very wild and disturbing
actually.. and we hated the hotel room, it sucked like ultra bad.

So on that note I will give that trip A BEEEeeeEEe MINUS lol

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