Monday, June 15, 2009

where is Jon B.?!

ohhh I just know you people better know who I'm talking about. He had some hot hits during the late 90s, these are songs that still get stuck in my head today. I always thought he was quite an attractive guy with his cool suave look, and he also had a nice voice tone. I'm curious to know what the heck happened the this guy cause I was a big fan of his music when I was younger..
I read on Youtube that hes gonna have a new album coming out soon, I dont know how true that is.. but I would get it if he's still doing this style of r&b. Someone else on youtube said they saw him perform like 2 months ago at some place.
it's nice to know that he's still doing his thing, but it does bothers me when artists with such great ability like this dont stay on top long at all...

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