Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So sorry

My mind as been all over the place.. I have things to blog about but
then I end up doing other things while I'm online lol (proactive things

So tonight, I had a good dance practice.. we ran through the first act
of the play (more like STUMBLED through it LOL) no dancing though we
just did the acting scenes. Remember how I'm playing the monkey in one
part of the play? They loved my monkey noises hahaha
I get soo loud!

Oh yeah, I start my job tomorrow :]
Unfortunately its gonna be gay-video-watching-training and crap.. But
guess what.. Its PAID
So let me suck it up lol

I've been having some interesting dreams lately, very detailed, and very
realistic. Its weird that my oldest sister called me today telling me
about what she had dreamt lastnight too...
Listen and watch your dreams
They speak to us in the weirdest ways..
There are signs there!

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