Saturday, June 27, 2009

michael jackson

ok i couldnt wait on mentioning him
he was such an amazing performer, I cant believe he's gone! As you all know, Im performing in THE WIZ next month, and that just happens to be the same play that michael performed in (as the scarecrow) when he was like 21. so you know we must dedicate that performance to him. I SWEAR the girl thats playing the scarecrow better WORK!
When I went to dance practice right after hearing that he passed away.. the energy was sooo LOW at practice. Usually, everyone is in good spirits.. laughing and talking, but this time was different. I walked in dragging my feet, feeling sad.. some of my dance buddies were crying. So we had a moment of silence, and sung one of his songs.. but I didnt think they shouldve sung "I'll be there" by the jackson 5 because it's sad and made people cry even more : /
then we started practicing, and it sucked. No one could get into character!! Everyone was so thrown off by the bad news.

we ended up getting it together towards the middle of practice, the sound of music always helps to lift spirits.

someone had the audacity to say "I dont see why people are making such a big deal about it!" wtf?? its MICHAEL JACKSON
I thought that was completely rude..
This is a guy that has inspired EVERY dancer, and even performers. I used to always watch the jackson 5 movie and do every single dance thats on there (it just came on last week). actually, during dance practic while muriel was teaching us the choreography for one of the songs, I showed her this move that the jackson 5 did on their song "Dancing machine" (one of my favorite songs from them), and asked her if we could add it in.. she said yes :]
---- actually 5 of the guys from AADR (the performance i did in atlanta) got together and performed the dance break from this song.. you know, the part when michael comes out popping and doing the robot :]

oh and look at this version of that same song. theyre older here, and it shows.. their dancing is even better and michaels popping got tighter, and his spin got faster lol
(bad quality though!)

I remember watching his video "in the closet" when I was little and my mouth would DROP hahaha I thought it was the most sexual thing... which it is :] so when they played it yesterday on BET I was so into the tv lol it sucks me in! might I add that naomi campbell has an amazing body?.. duh! --but too bad her personality isnt pleasant lol.

I will post my favorite videos from him within the next days/weeks blogs
he will never be forgotten nor can anyone compare!! He is the one and only..
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