Thursday, June 4, 2009


I had a killer workout yesterday! Anyone that wants to loose weight or
get in shape, I promise you that a ballet class will get the job done.
Something as simple as jumping over and over may not seem like the
hardest thing to do, but try doing that with
BALLET technique rules:
1.your feet turned out (starting from the hip so your knees shouldn't be
pointing forward they should be pointing to the sides of yourself)
2.long neck
3.shoulders down
4.butt tight
5.hips tucked
6.chest up (so when you jump and land, your chest should STAY UP
7.graceful arms (the only thing that should move when you jump is your
lower body) lightly
...last but not least..
9.Point your toes everytime you jump :]
Do that in reps of 20 and see how lovely you'll feel the next day lol.
This is one of the many exercises that ballerinas do to get strong feet,
ankles, legs, toes etc. for POINTE Ballet (when they stand on their
It was a conditioning class/ballet that I took lastnight... my whole
body is sore. On top of that, why did I go running this morning? Lol I
should've laid myself in bed all day long and slept!
I'm so not gonna run tomorrow morning, because I'm probably going to
dance class again. This one will be a regular class, not the
conditioning class.. unfortunately. I really need to be pushed like that
EVERYDAY honestly : /
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