Monday, June 8, 2009


I went to practice today and the producer wanted to talk to me and this
other lady. sooo we followed her to the back, and she's like "I have
some lines that I want you two to test out, its short, and then its
gonna be followed by a dance for you Vanisha." so I'm like okay.
So I read lines for the role of the MONKEY In The Wiz lol, and she liked
I need to see if I can find the role of the monkey on youtube or
something.. Cause if I remember correctly from the movie, the Monkey is
energetic,wild, and So after my short speaking part...
there's the "funky monkeys" dance... muriel is still debating on how
many will play a monkey in the dance lol

I'm now the monkey, a poppie (I think these are like sexy dancers), and
regular dancer/backup singer in the play lol.

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