Monday, June 1, 2009

First practice

For THE WIZ was tonight, I was under the impression that I had practice
monday- thursday this week, when come to find out, its just today. The
main characters have practice all this week, but the whole cast will
come together again on next weeks monday. We will start dancing on next
weeks tuesday.

DUDE... I thought we were gonna dance today, and I was wrong! We sang
the whole time! I'm so not used to singing for 3 hours straight, but my
cast buddy Brandon (the one in the picture, by the way I love it when
girls have boy names lol) she helped me through the singing :]. She's
one of the main characters and the leading Alto singer. I'm also an
alto/tenor so I was able to tune my voice with hers.. We all sound
really good singing together!

The performances are next month july 17,18,24, and 25th.. So with that
being said, they are about to work us to death this month lol.

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