Sunday, June 14, 2009


My body needs more work, my ankle has been so swollen for the past week,
but even more so over these last few days (its from that ballet class I

I need to work out so bad, and go running as much as possible. I did my
upper body, but I'm not motivated about doing it because I can't do my
lower body!!

And yes I am aware that I'm thin and blah blah blah.. but I'm a dancer,
and also someone that wants to stay in great shape physically. harm in that
Burlington is taking forever to come through for me, but when it does..
I will eat much better than I have been.
I need to make my diet more strict as it was, I've been getting a nice
serving of fruits and veggies lately so that's good at least.
But I'm displeased physically at the moment.

Tomorrow I have to ice my foot/ankle until its completely numb, and then
I will wrap it with an ace bandage and go to dance practice.
I'm trying NOT to dance at tomorrows practice for The Wiz, but if I have
to at least walk through the movements and not do them full out.. I
When being a dancer/performer, it will cost you a lot if you miss out on
practices, or even if you sit out for whatever reason.. Think of it as
If you don't come to practice or sit out while its being taught, you
will be behind and will not know the complete dance, if not at all!
Not only those reasons.. But you'll lose your spot too. So that front
and center spot you had (and every other dancer wanted to be in front)
on stage is no longer yours.. Now go take the back corner behind the
tallest dancer lol.

I really hope my foot/ankle will be better for me to dance on tomorrow,
I can't afford to miss out

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