Thursday, June 25, 2009


I need to get my hands on something thats gonna stop my skin from being so freakin oily.. my goodness! I mean... Ive always had oily skin, but lately its been like EXCESSIVELY. I wash my face at night with Biore (which i thought was good for my skin) and then when I wake up in the morning.. my skin is ULTRA oily! and its oily all over my face, but mostly my nose and forehead. quite annoying! I mean I'm glad my skin isnt dry, but I dont wanna walk around looking like olive oil face lmao im dumb.
hm i need to get to Atlanta to get the rest of my stuff...
i was trying to think about what have i been eating lately, putting in my hair, or is my hair just dirty?? Ive been eating the same stuff, and I haven't washed my hair in like a month (just because).. but its been conditioned a lot and its obviously not dirty... if it was, my skin would be breaking out, which it isn't.. and it wouldn't smell this good :wink: lol
maybe i need to switch back to Neutrogena, that used to dry my skin out too much but maybe thatll be perfect for me right now.
I put shea butter in my hair or olive oil from time to time and thats when my skin gets oily of course (especially after dance practice due to all of the sweating lol), but when those arent in my hair, and my hair is covered at night.. then wtf is it?!

ok im about to go blowdry my hair, which is something i havent done in a lonnnng time
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