Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards

I was happy to see everyone showing their love for Michael Jackson! man if I had a dollar for everytime his name was mentioned, everytime they did a tribute, everytime someone was wearing 1 glove in the crowd, and everytime someone did one of his dances... I'd be BALLINNNNNN by the end of the show lol.

OF COURSE some tributes were better than others lol, cause the opening tribute was a hotmess VOCALLY, I couldnt even hear what half of the people were saying. The dancing was good though. I believe that was bobby brown, and the rest of his group from back in the day that performed that one

JO JACKSON was actually in the front row during the whole show. I was glad to see that he had showed up.. he was smiling too, so thats good. I didnt like how I heard someone call the radio station saying:
"Jo Jackson seemed to be acting very careless in the audience"
WTF?! ok look.. just because he was so hard on all of them while they were growing up doesnt mean he didnt love them to death
aside from that, most people that pass away arent gonna want you sitting around crying and depressed about them. So it was a good thing that he was able to at least appear to be doing alright. (but we know its hard for all of the jacksons)
Janet Jackson showed up!! She said a few words at the mic, her eyes were watery but she held it together until the end when she finished..

Michael would've wanted them to come to this event, but I'd understand completely if none of them showed up. Its a hard time for them.

This next guy that performed on the awards.. I've been hearing his name for months, and always wondering "WHO THE HECK IS DRAKE?!" (yes yes i know im slow) everyone has been hounding this dude, he isnt exactly attractive to me (like everyone has said) I heard he was dating Rhianna too.
but here, I will announce that: I AM A FAN OF DRAKE now lol. His song has been playing on the radio here for a long time, and I love it. I just didnt know who the heck it was, or thought it was lil wayne.. but hes just featured on this song and thats it. He has a nice flare when he raps, he's catchy sounding too..

I JUST FOUND OUT that Drake is NOT a signed rapper!! WTF?! dude.. thats AMAZINGGGG! this dude is performing on the BET awards, has a nice mixtape out already, has a track with BUN B (he doesnt perform with just anyone either lol), has a WELL KNOWN song with lil'wayne, and now has a video... yet not signed??? This Canadian guy is about to blow up! ---did I mention that he has a nice singing voice AND he's an actor on this really good show?? um.. yeah. get it boooooo lol I wonder whos gonna sign him.

so heres his performance, he said he hurt his leg or something, so thats why he's sitting the whole time

Keri Hilson's performance was crap. I like her songs, but SHE CAN NOT DANCE!! clearly she thinks that she can cause she was really trying to hit those moves at the end lmao.
I dont know wtf she was wearing either, but michael's outfit looked better : /

A LOT of my guy friends are like KERI HILSON Billy Jeans (groupies lmao) I like her.. but my thing is, why did Keri come out dissing Ciara and BEYONCE just because she was writing some of their songs?? Umm... learn how to dance before you start bad mouthing people. My guy friends keep saying that keri's performance was so good and blah blah blah... but I'm here to say that: if you think Keri Hilson can dance, then obviously you're blinded by her looks, voice, style... or something. she tries so hard a lot of the times shes so stiff looking!

I'm not being hard on her just because I'm a professional dancer, I'm just saying.. IF YOU CANT DO IT, DONT DO IT AT ALL. You dont see Mariah Carey trying to dance because she cant dance, and thats the same for Monica too. Monica always says how bad her rhythm is lol but when she does a dance routine (which is rare) she works VERY hard at it. Beyonce couldnt always dance like she can now (watch some of the old destinys child videos) but what did she do?!?! SHE HIRED A GREAT CHOREOGRAPHER AND TRAINED HER BUTT OFF to perfect it. so come on keri, dont dance until you get some mean training
oh yeah, but her dancers were great! lol!

oh and lastly.. if you love the O'Jays and old music like I do, watch this! They STILL dance so smoothe :]

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