Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So lemme tell you, my favorite icecream in the world is Mint Chocolate
Chip by Mayfields (the green icecream, not the white kind) Cookie Dough
used to be second in line... but this freaking BEN&JERRY'S STRAWBERRY
CHEESECAKE ICECREAM is like love in a cup to me! it makes me happy :]
I can eat this all day everyday, I even got my sister hooked on it now
too lol. So far for the past 3 days, I've went through 1 pint per day
lol (I know I know its not good for my figure lol). You know what it is
that makes me go crazy over this icecream? The freaking GRAM CRACKER
pieces in it!!! This isn't the cheesecake icecream that has the actual
cheesecake pieces in it though.. its just cheesecake flavored icecream,
with little strawberry pieces, and gram crackers pieces :]
You know how slices of cheesecake has that gram cracker bottom??? I
LOOOOVE THAT!!! ---dude.. If I could make cheesecake, the bottom of
that freaking gram cracker base would be like an inch thick lol!
so if you've never tried it.. Please go get it, its a MUST.

On another tip: MY ANKLE ISN'T SWOLLEN!!! ::hops::
I still need to keep icing it, and take it easy though or else it'll
flare up again. Tonight's dance practice was serious business..

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