Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 dance videos :]

I did have another post in mind, but this freakin computer wont let me post it.. ugh! i will try it tomorrow. So heres something to catch your attention!

Ive been trying to find this guys solo dance (his name is Will) that he did on So You Think You Can Dance, but i cant find it.. he's amazing, and I cant believe he got voted off so early on that season (4) so heres a video with him in it... speechless!

its been over a year and i still watch this next dance video! Mia Michaels is a WONDERFUL choreographer from the show So You Think You Can Dance, she really USES the dancers and pushes them to their full extent when performing one of her pieces. So even if you're a dancer thats not so flexible, Mia would still be able to use you and have you doing some wild stuff lol. Her work is very "emotion" based.. you should feel something when watching her work. I must take one of her classes one day... her work inspires me

at 0:51 is always where i start to get tingles... wow, watch the facial expressions! --by the way, JOSHUA won that season of the show :]

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