Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards

I was happy to see everyone showing their love for Michael Jackson! man if I had a dollar for everytime his name was mentioned, everytime they did a tribute, everytime someone was wearing 1 glove in the crowd, and everytime someone did one of his dances... I'd be BALLINNNNNN by the end of the show lol.

OF COURSE some tributes were better than others lol, cause the opening tribute was a hotmess VOCALLY, I couldnt even hear what half of the people were saying. The dancing was good though. I believe that was bobby brown, and the rest of his group from back in the day that performed that one

JO JACKSON was actually in the front row during the whole show. I was glad to see that he had showed up.. he was smiling too, so thats good. I didnt like how I heard someone call the radio station saying:
"Jo Jackson seemed to be acting very careless in the audience"
WTF?! ok look.. just because he was so hard on all of them while they were growing up doesnt mean he didnt love them to death
aside from that, most people that pass away arent gonna want you sitting around crying and depressed about them. So it was a good thing that he was able to at least appear to be doing alright. (but we know its hard for all of the jacksons)
Janet Jackson showed up!! She said a few words at the mic, her eyes were watery but she held it together until the end when she finished..

Michael would've wanted them to come to this event, but I'd understand completely if none of them showed up. Its a hard time for them.

This next guy that performed on the awards.. I've been hearing his name for months, and always wondering "WHO THE HECK IS DRAKE?!" (yes yes i know im slow) everyone has been hounding this dude, he isnt exactly attractive to me (like everyone has said) I heard he was dating Rhianna too.
but here, I will announce that: I AM A FAN OF DRAKE now lol. His song has been playing on the radio here for a long time, and I love it. I just didnt know who the heck it was, or thought it was lil wayne.. but hes just featured on this song and thats it. He has a nice flare when he raps, he's catchy sounding too..

I JUST FOUND OUT that Drake is NOT a signed rapper!! WTF?! dude.. thats AMAZINGGGG! this dude is performing on the BET awards, has a nice mixtape out already, has a track with BUN B (he doesnt perform with just anyone either lol), has a WELL KNOWN song with lil'wayne, and now has a video... yet not signed??? This Canadian guy is about to blow up! ---did I mention that he has a nice singing voice AND he's an actor on this really good show?? um.. yeah. get it boooooo lol I wonder whos gonna sign him.

so heres his performance, he said he hurt his leg or something, so thats why he's sitting the whole time

Keri Hilson's performance was crap. I like her songs, but SHE CAN NOT DANCE!! clearly she thinks that she can cause she was really trying to hit those moves at the end lmao.
I dont know wtf she was wearing either, but michael's outfit looked better : /

A LOT of my guy friends are like KERI HILSON Billy Jeans (groupies lmao) I like her.. but my thing is, why did Keri come out dissing Ciara and BEYONCE just because she was writing some of their songs?? Umm... learn how to dance before you start bad mouthing people. My guy friends keep saying that keri's performance was so good and blah blah blah... but I'm here to say that: if you think Keri Hilson can dance, then obviously you're blinded by her looks, voice, style... or something. she tries so hard a lot of the times shes so stiff looking!

I'm not being hard on her just because I'm a professional dancer, I'm just saying.. IF YOU CANT DO IT, DONT DO IT AT ALL. You dont see Mariah Carey trying to dance because she cant dance, and thats the same for Monica too. Monica always says how bad her rhythm is lol but when she does a dance routine (which is rare) she works VERY hard at it. Beyonce couldnt always dance like she can now (watch some of the old destinys child videos) but what did she do?!?! SHE HIRED A GREAT CHOREOGRAPHER AND TRAINED HER BUTT OFF to perfect it. so come on keri, dont dance until you get some mean training
oh yeah, but her dancers were great! lol!

oh and lastly.. if you love the O'Jays and old music like I do, watch this! They STILL dance so smoothe :]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

michael jackson

ok i couldnt wait on mentioning him
he was such an amazing performer, I cant believe he's gone! As you all know, Im performing in THE WIZ next month, and that just happens to be the same play that michael performed in (as the scarecrow) when he was like 21. so you know we must dedicate that performance to him. I SWEAR the girl thats playing the scarecrow better WORK!
When I went to dance practice right after hearing that he passed away.. the energy was sooo LOW at practice. Usually, everyone is in good spirits.. laughing and talking, but this time was different. I walked in dragging my feet, feeling sad.. some of my dance buddies were crying. So we had a moment of silence, and sung one of his songs.. but I didnt think they shouldve sung "I'll be there" by the jackson 5 because it's sad and made people cry even more : /
then we started practicing, and it sucked. No one could get into character!! Everyone was so thrown off by the bad news.

we ended up getting it together towards the middle of practice, the sound of music always helps to lift spirits.

someone had the audacity to say "I dont see why people are making such a big deal about it!" wtf?? its MICHAEL JACKSON
I thought that was completely rude..
This is a guy that has inspired EVERY dancer, and even performers. I used to always watch the jackson 5 movie and do every single dance thats on there (it just came on last week). actually, during dance practic while muriel was teaching us the choreography for one of the songs, I showed her this move that the jackson 5 did on their song "Dancing machine" (one of my favorite songs from them), and asked her if we could add it in.. she said yes :]
---- actually 5 of the guys from AADR (the performance i did in atlanta) got together and performed the dance break from this song.. you know, the part when michael comes out popping and doing the robot :]

oh and look at this version of that same song. theyre older here, and it shows.. their dancing is even better and michaels popping got tighter, and his spin got faster lol
(bad quality though!)

I remember watching his video "in the closet" when I was little and my mouth would DROP hahaha I thought it was the most sexual thing... which it is :] so when they played it yesterday on BET I was so into the tv lol it sucks me in! might I add that naomi campbell has an amazing body?.. duh! --but too bad her personality isnt pleasant lol.

I will post my favorite videos from him within the next days/weeks blogs
he will never be forgotten nor can anyone compare!! He is the one and only..

Friday, June 26, 2009

I gets rough and stuff with my afro puff!

I'm not matching but do I care?
Nope :]
Here's the hair... afro puff and side puff lol

I'm trying not to post about MJ cause of course everyone is, I will do
that days from now.
But I WILL say, that I JUST stopped watching his videos on tv, and I've
been watching since yesterday. Pretty sure I will be watching more. <3

I just saw on the news: "Which is more dangerous? Texting while driving,
or drinking while driving?" Lol!!!
I thought that was funny.. Like ok yeah texting while driving is bad,
but come on!! To compare that to a situation where you aren't 100% in
control of yourself is silly to me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I need to get my hands on something thats gonna stop my skin from being so freakin oily.. my goodness! I mean... Ive always had oily skin, but lately its been like EXCESSIVELY. I wash my face at night with Biore (which i thought was good for my skin) and then when I wake up in the morning.. my skin is ULTRA oily! and its oily all over my face, but mostly my nose and forehead. quite annoying! I mean I'm glad my skin isnt dry, but I dont wanna walk around looking like olive oil face lmao im dumb.
hm i need to get to Atlanta to get the rest of my stuff...
i was trying to think about what have i been eating lately, putting in my hair, or is my hair just dirty?? Ive been eating the same stuff, and I haven't washed my hair in like a month (just because).. but its been conditioned a lot and its obviously not dirty... if it was, my skin would be breaking out, which it isn't.. and it wouldn't smell this good :wink: lol
maybe i need to switch back to Neutrogena, that used to dry my skin out too much but maybe thatll be perfect for me right now.
I put shea butter in my hair or olive oil from time to time and thats when my skin gets oily of course (especially after dance practice due to all of the sweating lol), but when those arent in my hair, and my hair is covered at night.. then wtf is it?!

ok im about to go blowdry my hair, which is something i havent done in a lonnnng time

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So sorry

My mind as been all over the place.. I have things to blog about but
then I end up doing other things while I'm online lol (proactive things

So tonight, I had a good dance practice.. we ran through the first act
of the play (more like STUMBLED through it LOL) no dancing though we
just did the acting scenes. Remember how I'm playing the monkey in one
part of the play? They loved my monkey noises hahaha
I get soo loud!

Oh yeah, I start my job tomorrow :]
Unfortunately its gonna be gay-video-watching-training and crap.. But
guess what.. Its PAID
So let me suck it up lol

I've been having some interesting dreams lately, very detailed, and very
realistic. Its weird that my oldest sister called me today telling me
about what she had dreamt lastnight too...
Listen and watch your dreams
They speak to us in the weirdest ways..
There are signs there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My mommy did my hair

Yesterday lol. I was holding hangers in my hand, and taking pictures
while waiting on my mother to come out of the dressing room.
I will just say that today was dedicated to making some plans for the
future, everyone knows that I'm a free-spirit I go wherever the wind
takes me
It looks like I probably found the best solution to my situation after
PS: I've been laughing at some of the comments I've been getting on my
blogs lately about how a few of you love my hair so much
that's greatly appreciated... maybe I should grow an Afro Farm just for
you all
pick your color and size! Lol.. laaame :]

Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 dance videos :]

I did have another post in mind, but this freakin computer wont let me post it.. ugh! i will try it tomorrow. So heres something to catch your attention!

Ive been trying to find this guys solo dance (his name is Will) that he did on So You Think You Can Dance, but i cant find it.. he's amazing, and I cant believe he got voted off so early on that season (4) so heres a video with him in it... speechless!

its been over a year and i still watch this next dance video! Mia Michaels is a WONDERFUL choreographer from the show So You Think You Can Dance, she really USES the dancers and pushes them to their full extent when performing one of her pieces. So even if you're a dancer thats not so flexible, Mia would still be able to use you and have you doing some wild stuff lol. Her work is very "emotion" based.. you should feel something when watching her work. I must take one of her classes one day... her work inspires me

at 0:51 is always where i start to get tingles... wow, watch the facial expressions! --by the way, JOSHUA won that season of the show :]

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes lashes!

Haha I got them done yesterday
It looks like a have make up on, guess that makes a big difference with
lipgloss on too lol, I might get them done again for the shows next
month when I perform too if this doesn't last.

Dude it was 100 degrees today! I love hot weather, but I'm mad I didn't
make it to the beach like I wanted to. Tomorrow is gonna be 105 degrees
(according to my mother but I thought it was 100) so lets see If I can
make it to the beach tomorrow!?

My ankle started to flare up again! I guess because this was the first
day that I DIDN'T ice it.. Actually, today was the first day that I
DIDN'T wear flipflops either in like a week and a half lol. When your
foot and ankle are swollen, you really don't have many shoe options : /
Sooo I wanted to start running again tomorrow morning, guess that's
out.. I have to back this up until my ankle fully recovers
...the elbow pains are back again too... I keep forgetting to take my
joint vitamins..ugh. My elbow cracked so loud numerous times today to
the point I'm either yelling "OUCH!!" or "AHH!" lol this is no joke..

I will remember to take those huge dumb vitamins in the morning.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So lemme tell you, my favorite icecream in the world is Mint Chocolate
Chip by Mayfields (the green icecream, not the white kind) Cookie Dough
used to be second in line... but this freaking BEN&JERRY'S STRAWBERRY
CHEESECAKE ICECREAM is like love in a cup to me! it makes me happy :]
I can eat this all day everyday, I even got my sister hooked on it now
too lol. So far for the past 3 days, I've went through 1 pint per day
lol (I know I know its not good for my figure lol). You know what it is
that makes me go crazy over this icecream? The freaking GRAM CRACKER
pieces in it!!! This isn't the cheesecake icecream that has the actual
cheesecake pieces in it though.. its just cheesecake flavored icecream,
with little strawberry pieces, and gram crackers pieces :]
You know how slices of cheesecake has that gram cracker bottom??? I
LOOOOVE THAT!!! ---dude.. If I could make cheesecake, the bottom of
that freaking gram cracker base would be like an inch thick lol!
so if you've never tried it.. Please go get it, its a MUST.

On another tip: MY ANKLE ISN'T SWOLLEN!!! ::hops::
I still need to keep icing it, and take it easy though or else it'll
flare up again. Tonight's dance practice was serious business..

Monday, June 15, 2009

where is Jon B.?!

ohhh I just know you people better know who I'm talking about. He had some hot hits during the late 90s, these are songs that still get stuck in my head today. I always thought he was quite an attractive guy with his cool suave look, and he also had a nice voice tone. I'm curious to know what the heck happened the this guy cause I was a big fan of his music when I was younger..
I read on Youtube that hes gonna have a new album coming out soon, I dont know how true that is.. but I would get it if he's still doing this style of r&b. Someone else on youtube said they saw him perform like 2 months ago at some place.
it's nice to know that he's still doing his thing, but it does bothers me when artists with such great ability like this dont stay on top long at all...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My body needs more work, my ankle has been so swollen for the past week,
but even more so over these last few days (its from that ballet class I

I need to work out so bad, and go running as much as possible. I did my
upper body, but I'm not motivated about doing it because I can't do my
lower body!!

And yes I am aware that I'm thin and blah blah blah.. but I'm a dancer,
and also someone that wants to stay in great shape physically. harm in that
Burlington is taking forever to come through for me, but when it does..
I will eat much better than I have been.
I need to make my diet more strict as it was, I've been getting a nice
serving of fruits and veggies lately so that's good at least.
But I'm displeased physically at the moment.

Tomorrow I have to ice my foot/ankle until its completely numb, and then
I will wrap it with an ace bandage and go to dance practice.
I'm trying NOT to dance at tomorrows practice for The Wiz, but if I have
to at least walk through the movements and not do them full out.. I
When being a dancer/performer, it will cost you a lot if you miss out on
practices, or even if you sit out for whatever reason.. Think of it as
If you don't come to practice or sit out while its being taught, you
will be behind and will not know the complete dance, if not at all!
Not only those reasons.. But you'll lose your spot too. So that front
and center spot you had (and every other dancer wanted to be in front)
on stage is no longer yours.. Now go take the back corner behind the
tallest dancer lol.

I really hope my foot/ankle will be better for me to dance on tomorrow,
I can't afford to miss out

Saturday, June 13, 2009

you dont know what/who ALVIN AILEY is?!

this is a dance video that is just so so amazing, they came to savannah like 2 years ago and the show was FREE
im sad that i missed them this year.. but i will and MUST see them again.

The company i dance with here in Savannah (Abeni Cultural Arts) with Muriel as the choreographer (and ex choreographer Stephanie) they both have dance styles that are very "Alvin Ailey" inspired.. thanks to those two ladies, they introduced me to modern dance and also african dance about 3 years ago.
The song that theyre dancing to on this first video, we have a dance routine to it, that is actually very simular to this video.. but way more movement. I've never ever performed it because I'm such a punk when it comes to this lol... the dance is just so grand to the point that I scare myself out of performing it everytime lol.. sad but true!
I WILL PERFORM THIS ONE DAY, and thats a goal lol

the main lady in this video is great.. her lines are perfect and she has that flexible lower back that I need lol and i love the african walk that they start doing on 0:37 hahaha we do that same one

heres a few of the dancers talking about their experiences with the company.. I would love to be apart of that! I have a dance buddy thats only 17 and he started dancing with them this summer. so cool

Monday, June 8, 2009


I went to practice today and the producer wanted to talk to me and this
other lady. sooo we followed her to the back, and she's like "I have
some lines that I want you two to test out, its short, and then its
gonna be followed by a dance for you Vanisha." so I'm like okay.
So I read lines for the role of the MONKEY In The Wiz lol, and she liked
I need to see if I can find the role of the monkey on youtube or
something.. Cause if I remember correctly from the movie, the Monkey is
energetic,wild, and So after my short speaking part...
there's the "funky monkeys" dance... muriel is still debating on how
many will play a monkey in the dance lol

I'm now the monkey, a poppie (I think these are like sexy dancers), and
regular dancer/backup singer in the play lol.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

wild weekend

Me and kayla had a long weekend, so it seemed.. there's no way possible
I could ever live in Valdosta, Georgia. Its one of those smallllll
cities (most def smaller than savannah) that has nothing going on BUT
its college life lol. Valdosta State University runs that city.

Umm we went to the strip club which was a lot of fun actually, had a lot
of laughs..
Guy: what were yall doin at da strip club!?
That strip club was a flamin hot mess lol

we partied at a few different clubs/ bars lastnight, we were so sweaty
in that place dancing, then people started dropping money on me and
kayla lmao she was tucking it in my pants haha. She was the one that was
out of control, not me (cause you know I'm high off of life lol).. I
just happened to be sitting on the stage under her while the money was
dropping lol. I was busy laughing so hard of course..
I met kayla's bestfriend who was superrrr cool, and I also met a lot of
cool FRAT guys (they were Q's) they were so funny!
so here's the sour parts:
the annoying guys trying to grab me at the club like they know me.. I
witnessed some WILD things lastnight : / very wild and disturbing
actually.. and we hated the hotel room, it sucked like ultra bad.

So on that note I will give that trip A BEEEeeeEEe MINUS lol

Friday, June 5, 2009


Yup kayla wanted to go hang out for the weekend, so we hopped in the car
and headed south. Dude.. I see the cutest kitten at this girls house!!!!
She's so playful she won't stay still for a photo lol.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I had a killer workout yesterday! Anyone that wants to loose weight or
get in shape, I promise you that a ballet class will get the job done.
Something as simple as jumping over and over may not seem like the
hardest thing to do, but try doing that with
BALLET technique rules:
1.your feet turned out (starting from the hip so your knees shouldn't be
pointing forward they should be pointing to the sides of yourself)
2.long neck
3.shoulders down
4.butt tight
5.hips tucked
6.chest up (so when you jump and land, your chest should STAY UP
7.graceful arms (the only thing that should move when you jump is your
lower body) lightly
...last but not least..
9.Point your toes everytime you jump :]
Do that in reps of 20 and see how lovely you'll feel the next day lol.
This is one of the many exercises that ballerinas do to get strong feet,
ankles, legs, toes etc. for POINTE Ballet (when they stand on their
It was a conditioning class/ballet that I took lastnight... my whole
body is sore. On top of that, why did I go running this morning? Lol I
should've laid myself in bed all day long and slept!
I'm so not gonna run tomorrow morning, because I'm probably going to
dance class again. This one will be a regular class, not the
conditioning class.. unfortunately. I really need to be pushed like that
EVERYDAY honestly : /

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I caught him today! And let him go into the ditch out back.
Umm whoever said turtles are slow, NOT THIS ONE is was fast! By the time
I ran across the street to get him, he ran underneath someones van
lol... I had half of my body on under the van trying to put him out with
a broom lol.
I finally got him, he was like 8inches long.. Big, strong guy.

I'm so mad that there's no photos, it was way too bright for my phone to
even capture the moments.. I still need a DS card for my :[
The beach was amazingggg, so gorgeous, can't wait to go again.. I wanna
live on a beach :]

Monday, June 1, 2009

First practice

For THE WIZ was tonight, I was under the impression that I had practice
monday- thursday this week, when come to find out, its just today. The
main characters have practice all this week, but the whole cast will
come together again on next weeks monday. We will start dancing on next
weeks tuesday.

DUDE... I thought we were gonna dance today, and I was wrong! We sang
the whole time! I'm so not used to singing for 3 hours straight, but my
cast buddy Brandon (the one in the picture, by the way I love it when
girls have boy names lol) she helped me through the singing :]. She's
one of the main characters and the leading Alto singer. I'm also an
alto/tenor so I was able to tune my voice with hers.. We all sound
really good singing together!

The performances are next month july 17,18,24, and 25th.. So with that
being said, they are about to work us to death this month lol.