Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time to get some dollas lol

Ok so I had my interview yesterday. I got the job :] I will have a
second interview in the beginning of this upcoming week. I was super
happy about that.. So I sat in the car taking photos of myself lol bestfriend reisha told me that if I get a second interview, I have
the J-O-B
Now isn't it a shame that I haven't even been back in Savannah for 1
month, and I found a job.. Yet in Atlanta, I haven't had an actual job
outside of my dancing and modeling since December!
serious first. Thank goodness we aren't gonna be working in the same
section cause we would both get fired for laughing too much lol

Yesterday I got back in contact with my good friend Kayla!!! Oh my
goodness we used to have such a good time together back when I was like
18 or 19. We hung together ALL of the time that I wasn't around reisha
lol.. We partied, worked in the same mall, I went to middle school with
her (but we weren't close back then), and then her little sister was in
band with me.. So I was her little sisters band captain in highschool
lol. Like me and Kayla had gotten so close to the point she was really
like my best buddy aside from Reisha. She's one of those rare super
loyal friends.
What I enjoyed most about hanging with her, is just how we just did
WHATEVER we wanted to do at that time.. Living in the moment lol. We would
come up with ideas, and she's like "LETS DO IT!" which always surprised me in the beginning because i dont know too many people that like to do things spur of the moment like i do lol.. most people will say "uhh maybe" and you know that "maybe" is gonna be a "NO"

more than likely lol

SOOOOooo today reisha wanted Starbucks, and just as we were about to walk in to get our drinks and chill.. there were 3 girls sitting there at a table outside and theyre like: "HEYYY YOU GUYS LOOK SO CUTE!"

we say our THANK YOU's etc etc and go get in line. one of the girls came in and started talking to us while we were waiting for our drinks, like asking where were we from and stuff. reisha was like "we should keep in contact with them, they seem cool", sooo we go outside where they were sitting.. start talking (because they were obviously very inviting)..

then they tell us to pull up 2 chairs and join them! We made 3 new buddies :]

Jacqueline (with the shades), Kat (Peace signs lol), and Rachel (in red)

they were so funny! i love how that situation happened. and guess where the heck theyre moving to in a few months?? ATLANTA lol but jacqueline was born and raised there already.

next topic!!!!

I have a surprise... I got so bored with my hair... I was so sick of it... so I fixed it... like forreal...

bye bye Afro Chick

lmao. i'm SOOO just kidding, my mum put that wig on my head this morning lol.

i thought to myself "hmm i wonder if i went to a club with this on, and some shades (which i think is so stupid to wear in a dark place lol).. would people think i was someone else??" hahaha i might try it one day just to see if i could fool someone, but I wouldnt wear any of my facial piercings.. we all know that would be a dead give away lol

no but seriously, I dyed my hair red and said "screw it" to the other colors that i was gonna do lol. you cant really tell in this photo.. it just looks darker, but it most def. shows in person..

2 of my lovebirds thought it was a pretty nest, so pretty that one wanted to eat it hahaha

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