Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies

I cant say it enough.
I really dislike it when people tell lies for no apparent reason, let alone when they tell lies to someone that they really like or are supposed to be "IN LOVE" with.

arent you supposed to share an amazing bond with your lover? your bestfriend?therefore, you shouldnt have to tell them lies, or so i thought. you should be able to talk to them about anything right?
..maybe im old fashioned lol

Why is it so hard for people be true to themselves? Thats usually where it starts. You should be able to accept who you are as a person (whether youre cocky, have low self-esteem, youre a butthole, you nag 24/7 etc.) before you sit there trying to get close to another individual emotionally. The more self-awareness you have, the better relationship you'll have with YOURSELF before hand.

Why do people tell lies to someone thats completely new in their life? I dont see a purpose in making myself out to be something that Im not. Yeah I know people try to make better first impressions on people that they meet and blah blah blah.. but come on now. I really dont care what people think of me, ESPECIALLY if you dont know me well lol. I never felt the need to ever lie about my age ..even when older men approached me (even when i was like freakin 16 lol), nor have I felt the need to make it seem like I had done "certain things" when I actually.. had never even tried it out before. people lie about some crazy BS.

When will people learn that the truth will eventually come out!?
such fools they are..

this blog is about this little chitchat that me and my bestfriend had lastnight lol.
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