Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh no not again

I know I know, but give me some credit.. I've went a long time without
dying my hair! Heck, I don't even remember when I did it last! October?
Oooh wait it was in August! Wowww I've never went so long without dying
my hair.. There's been times when I dyed it twice in 2 weeks lol.
Shame.. I was just ASKING for my hair to just FALL out into the sink
Now I only have a little bit in this container, hopefully its enough to
dye just a patch of the front.. That's all I want to dye. But if it
isn't, then I will get Christine to REdye it for me when I get to
savannah :]

I've been trying not to cut my hair at all, or shave a patch off.. So
I'm trying to find something new for it so I won't get bored for a
while, and this pink patch of hair might patch up the urges of doing so

Yayyy I've always wanted pink hair.. Its a hard color to get, especially
since I'm not bleaching my dark roots either. I'm only gonna work with
the light brown/blonde that's in it now, so I wouldn't be surprised if
it comes out like a freaking shade of red or something.
::crosses fingers for a pink patch::

I shall do this a little later this week in hopes to have a new look for
my birthday.
I'm leaving on saturday to savannah :]
--Yet still trying to get some extra things to work in my favor this

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