Friday, May 1, 2009

Next audition

The Wiz! Yeeeah this will be a lot of fun. One of my dance teachers
Muriel, is actually gonna be the choreographer.. so I think I have a
good chance of getting a spot in this play :]
Her dance style is GORGEOUS too.. I'm excited! Did I mention that this
is going to be in Savannah? The audition is this month
..look at the time...
My birthday month yayyy lol
Anytime my birthday is approaching, I try to remember special moments
that happened a few days before my day, or even the night before. The
reality is quite shocking when you think about it: I will NEVER be this
age EVER again.

So its always cool to be doing something that you WANT to be doing for
the last few days/hours of you being a certain age. Whether its you
eating your favorite candy, watching your favorite show, talking to your
bestfriend, or even spending time with a lover :]

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