Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my birthday weekend :]

I have to admit.. i had a lovely time :]
now remember that celebration i was having at a club?? well yeah, AS I SAID i didnt think anyone would come.. i was correct lol EXCEPT for 1 person (thanks kendria! twas nice seeing you) well kinda 2 cause nate was there too.
but see, being that i knew people wouldnt come..i made sure i didnt have my hopes up about it. When its my birthday, its about me enjoying MY day..not about the people around me.
here's me and nate posting at the club with our drinks in hand. well you know i dont drink.. it was PINEAPPLE JUICE hahaha go on and laugh!! but it was good.

posinggg.. i loved my little skirt! my friend Allen bought it for me when i was like 17 and i think this was my second time ever wearing it lol.

i thought i was liljon dancing with a bottle of water in one hand, and a glass of water in the other hand lol! what a goofball.. but this is when i started gettin LOOSE lol!

lol@ how much we start sweating in the club.. its no joke when you're dancing hard.. look at nate lmao

DANCING MACHINE workin the wall hahaha it was sooo hot, i used kendrias towel hahaha

LMAO nate was droppin it super hot and was super sweaty hahahaa

haha i was feelin myself even though i was super sweaty lol. i had to keep the dancing sweet and simple due to my little skirt and highheels lol. i didnt want my skirt to fly up too high.. so when i started popping, i couldnt pop too hard lol.

me and kendria :] shes a savannah buddy of mine, but she had also moved to atlanta... i hadnt seen her since this year started so it was nice seeing her before i left.

ok so as you know, L'Oreal took me out the day before my birthday. we had so much fun that day!!! wow i havent had that much fun in a long time, so i wanted to make sure that i captured every last bit of it.
we were just standing outside in the parking lot waiting for the place to open in these :]

shes so cute and small .. yet shes like "im not small!" hahaha

this is only half of what happened over these past few days, its been wild! i was supposed to have a performance on saturday too.. but that got canceled, i will post photos from that time frame .

So after all of this, i finally made it to my place in savannah to spend time with my middle sister andrea

..and guess who else?

my Cutie-Patutie! He think hes so grown up now when hes only a year and 2 months old lol.
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