Thursday, May 7, 2009


Until my 22nd birthday! I've had an amazinggg LAST day being 21 :] I'm
ageing with grace, 22 years young (at 12am lol), and I have most
certainly grown as a young lady. I'm happy to be in good spirits
tonight! Actually I've been like this ALL Day

THANK YOU to L'Oreal (1 millionth time lol) for taking me out today. I
had SUCH an amazing day!

Everytime we hang out (which isn't often), we always enjoy ourselves..
but we HAD to be sure to hang out again before I headed to Savannah..
and of course since my big day :]

we had smoothies, went to the mall, rode go carts (we were waiting
outside for them to open in the photo above), and we even played MONSTER
golf! It was like Halloween golf.. playing in a dark grave yard with
only black lights haha! OH and even sat at mcdonalds for like 3 hours
chitchatting about some deep topics :]

Yeah I will post the photos from today (and the next 2 days) like on
sunday or monday.. Yeah that will be the MAIN update on how fun my
birthday weekend turned out to be lol. 10min!
I shall remember this day...

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