Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kinda cool

I really liked these two photos. I was standing on one foot doing my
HALF-scorpion for quite some time, while the photographers played around
with this wild lighting.

I handled some business today, started looking for work, and made a much
needed doctors appointment.. finally. I need a physical so bad..
Geez I can't wait to get it over with.
I'm proud of myself for already making moves, when I haven't even been
back here for a month yet.
Time is a serious matter!

For a good chunk of this day, I was trying to order a new phone. If its
not one thing.. Its another. I need this new phone... crap, hopefully it
won't be sold out by the time I'm able to order it.

Oh I went to the thrift store today, found 3 NICE items, 1 shirt, and 2
dresses. I was gonna remake both of the dressed... and then I wasn't
able to get them!!!
I had to rush and take my mother back to the southside of town.. so that
she could hop back in her 18-wheeler, and head to virginia before she
got in trouble for being in town too long.
Gosh I can't believe I missed out on those lol..

All jokes aside I need to make it to atlanta asap to get my things.. Ugh
I don't see the purpose in paying for a moving truck when I don't have
enough things to pack it COMPLETELY. Yet no one has enough room for all
of my things in their car at once!
Where's my buddies with SUV's when I need them lol.

I might be in atlanta this weekend if I decide to go..

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