Thursday, May 14, 2009

I swear..

Due to my recent stalker problems, I'm even more so cautious of who I
communicate with online.
Aside from that, I don't chitchat with random people that I DON'T know
on instant messagers.
Perfect example as to why:

-------------------------------- 9:10 pm
Him: just googled your name and OH my this is the lovely miss dailey :D
now I remember who you are :D

Me: Who are you
robescobar07: just a fan saw you on one of the modeling sites I think
and thought you were very interesting :)

Him: however some people don't like just fans and like to keep it
strictly professional contact only so if so i understand and will delete
you no worries
-------------------------------- 9:18 pm
Me: Link me to a page of yours!
Me: Thank you.. I appreciate that !

Him: i only have one besides myspace with a pic on it and it's a little
kinky so I don't think you would want to see it LOL anyway. Myspace use
to have a pics but too many co-workers have myspace now and facebook so
I took those pics down lol
-------------------------------- 9:34 pm
Him: oh and you should probably keep my display pic closed :)
Him: that's if we continue to chat ;)
------------------------------- 11:39 pm
Him: still here?

See? I had already had an odd vibe and was a little weirded out with the
first I'M that he sent, but I tried to just suck it up to try not to
come off as "rude".. just in case this was someone that truly favored
what I do.

so then i asked him to link me to one of his pages.. so that i could see the FACE behind the words, and with that simple test.. he could not come through. FAILED lol. Thats my way of seeing what kind of person im dealing with lol.

Honestly if he was some regular person, he wouldn't be mentioning the
KINKY photos he has and doesn't want me to see. Wtf.. I hope this isn't
that stalker.

Someone told me to block him, and I did.. So why is he still able to im
me I wonderrrr
And he's still doing it.. So I'm signing off

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