Thursday, May 28, 2009


Remember the one I was mad about losing? The one my oldest sister gave
me? Yeah, it went falling out of my pants pocket when I picked them up
lol.. I thought I checked those jeans!

But this day started with a nice run WITH OUT STOPPING! I didn't know I
could do that lol.. Now my legs are shakey from it : /
I did my abs and arms today too :]
Afterwards, I had a long sit down at the computer studying German.
Actually, I had the book for it in hand too. Lots of reading, repeating,
memorizing etc. I learned a lot.. geez

Today I've come to the conclusion that my next move just might be a bit
far fetched right now.. So I will have to back it up for the time being.
What's next?
A realistic PLAN B. I've made it up (with the help of this person :])
Lets see what happens.
I never give too many details until I know its a fact.
--but I will be looking into it tomorrow

Don't you hate when you want to accomplish a goal, yet things always
get in the way?

So You Think You Can Dance was funny tonight lol I will post on that

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