Sunday, May 17, 2009

rain rain go away

Thats my backyard, FLOODED.. and thats also a ditch thats like 6feet deep and usually doesnt have hardly any water in it... savannah is known for flooding often. there were waves in the street! today looked like this ALL DAY long..well except for this morning, it was so pretty and sunny outside during the A.M. hours.

Cutie-Patutie listened to the rain pour, but once he heard the thunder.. he shot under the bed lol!

lol he's so dark with those glowing eyes hahaha

I went to this Catholic church with my sister (i told her i'd go) it was actually very nice compared to baptist churches which are just too over the top usually lol. The people were so friendly.. it was cool to see what Catholic's do at church, all of the knealing, bowing before sitting, dipping our hands in holy water and doing that cross thingy with our hand (sorry if theres a name for that but i dont know it lol) although im not religious... i would go there once every bluemoon.. maybe... and with my sister asking me to go with her lol. but you know what is something that ive always hated about church??

HOW LOoooOONG THE SERVICE IS. but at this church.. it was only 1 hour! I was shocked, 8:30-9:30am.. i was amazed and they start ON TIME.

So once we came back from church, we went running.. i had tanlines when i came back inside lol. the was a very good run, and the first time that its ever been actually HOT when i ran! Ive been waiting and waiting for the heat to come so that I can just go running in shorts and a sports bra up a nice sweat.. rather than running in the cold weather.

we went bowling again tonight!! and i saw some of my old band buddies from highschool!! that was nice :]

lastly... im mad. I've lost my ring that my sister sereda gave to me :[ i took it off when we went bowling last sunday because my thumb wouldnt fit unless i took it off.. i placed it in my purse.. and now i cant find it.. ugh. no, its not like a diamond ring or anything but jewelry is soooo so so so special to me when someone has given it to me (which is also very rare lol). I hardly ever took that ring off for the past 2 years, and now my hand is NAKED. I love to have pieces of jewelry that I can wear 24/7.

auditions for the WIZ are tomorrow! I believe i'm going :]

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