Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Haha that's me and my mum, she called me early this morning and got me
to pick her up from her truck.
Me, her, and andrea went out to eat breakfast, and had a nice time with
lots of laughs of course.

Afterwards, we went to a gun shop.
Dude.. a lot of my photographer buddies own guns.. My daddy has photos
of him in Saudi Arabia holding his huge guns and crap too.
My mother wants to buy one (she claims that she has one now lol)
I held a few guns while we were in there.. I'm so cautious with them!
Heck.. I was already scared when the guy took his gun out and started
loading it lol. I used to say I'd like to own one some day, but honestly
I don't think I could. I don't think its for me to have
---but by all means, whenever I settle down with someone.. I surely
wouldn't mind them owning one lol.. They can be my protector, yet they
better know wtf they're doing lol.
Guns are just scary to me. I will stick with a sling shot Lmao

I need to post photos of me and my bestfriend reisha. she's actually
laying beside me right now lol.. She's been over here since lastnight.
I'm probably gonna get her to braid my hair tomorrow morning for a cool
new style :] (that's IF I find the energy to wash my hair in the morning
***I still haven't gotten my hair dyed cause Christine has been all over
the place lol..and now I'm wondering if its even a good idea to do so
still?? Maybe this is a sign that if I DO dye it... my hair will fall
out lol. So now I don't know..ugh!

Oh I gave cutie-patutie a bath today
That was a workout! Yet he needed that so bad...geez. He didn't scratch
me once, it was way easier to give him a bath compared to the other cats
I've bathed in the past lol.

--another random thought: its wild just how many people I run into in
Savannah, especially when I called myself being LOW KEY and not telling
everyone here that I was coming. After today, I'm pretty sure all of the
main people officially know that I'm in town.. Savannah is too small to
hide, and you know there's no hiding with this afro lol.
SO I AM NO LONGER IN HIDE OUT. Its useless now, and at least I can say I
tried lol.

Lastly, I DID get a callback yesterday saying.. "Vanisha Dailey, you are
being considered for the dance/course part in The Wiz" I believe they're
gonna call me tomorrow to make it official or not. I failed to mention
that I had to dance AND sing at that audition!!! Lmao.. Somehow I pulled
it off with confidence and said
"I'm a dancer, not a singer.. But I can hold a few notes!"
I sung the intro to Nas' song "If I ruled the world".. You know when
lauren hill is singing in the beginning? Yeah that lol.

So I might be dancing and singing like I did in the AIDA play

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