Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time to get some dollas lol

Ok so I had my interview yesterday. I got the job :] I will have a
second interview in the beginning of this upcoming week. I was super
happy about that.. So I sat in the car taking photos of myself lol bestfriend reisha told me that if I get a second interview, I have
the J-O-B
Now isn't it a shame that I haven't even been back in Savannah for 1
month, and I found a job.. Yet in Atlanta, I haven't had an actual job
outside of my dancing and modeling since December!
serious first. Thank goodness we aren't gonna be working in the same
section cause we would both get fired for laughing too much lol

Yesterday I got back in contact with my good friend Kayla!!! Oh my
goodness we used to have such a good time together back when I was like
18 or 19. We hung together ALL of the time that I wasn't around reisha
lol.. We partied, worked in the same mall, I went to middle school with
her (but we weren't close back then), and then her little sister was in
band with me.. So I was her little sisters band captain in highschool
lol. Like me and Kayla had gotten so close to the point she was really
like my best buddy aside from Reisha. She's one of those rare super
loyal friends.
What I enjoyed most about hanging with her, is just how we just did
WHATEVER we wanted to do at that time.. Living in the moment lol. We would
come up with ideas, and she's like "LETS DO IT!" which always surprised me in the beginning because i dont know too many people that like to do things spur of the moment like i do lol.. most people will say "uhh maybe" and you know that "maybe" is gonna be a "NO"

more than likely lol

SOOOOooo today reisha wanted Starbucks, and just as we were about to walk in to get our drinks and chill.. there were 3 girls sitting there at a table outside and theyre like: "HEYYY YOU GUYS LOOK SO CUTE!"

we say our THANK YOU's etc etc and go get in line. one of the girls came in and started talking to us while we were waiting for our drinks, like asking where were we from and stuff. reisha was like "we should keep in contact with them, they seem cool", sooo we go outside where they were sitting.. start talking (because they were obviously very inviting)..

then they tell us to pull up 2 chairs and join them! We made 3 new buddies :]

Jacqueline (with the shades), Kat (Peace signs lol), and Rachel (in red)

they were so funny! i love how that situation happened. and guess where the heck theyre moving to in a few months?? ATLANTA lol but jacqueline was born and raised there already.

next topic!!!!

I have a surprise... I got so bored with my hair... I was so sick of it... so I fixed it... like forreal...

bye bye Afro Chick

lmao. i'm SOOO just kidding, my mum put that wig on my head this morning lol.

i thought to myself "hmm i wonder if i went to a club with this on, and some shades (which i think is so stupid to wear in a dark place lol).. would people think i was someone else??" hahaha i might try it one day just to see if i could fool someone, but I wouldnt wear any of my facial piercings.. we all know that would be a dead give away lol

no but seriously, I dyed my hair red and said "screw it" to the other colors that i was gonna do lol. you cant really tell in this photo.. it just looks darker, but it most def. shows in person..

2 of my lovebirds thought it was a pretty nest, so pretty that one wanted to eat it hahaha

Friday, May 29, 2009


you know what.. some people really crack me up.

FYI if i ever see or hear a comment/voicemail/email/IM etc that starts with BS.. chances are, I wont even waste my time comprehending its message lol.

but I do know ONE thing: I speak nothing but the truth as it comes to me.
so if you get offended by anything that I post, I honestly do NOT care :]

the shoe must fit

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Remember the one I was mad about losing? The one my oldest sister gave
me? Yeah, it went falling out of my pants pocket when I picked them up
lol.. I thought I checked those jeans!

But this day started with a nice run WITH OUT STOPPING! I didn't know I
could do that lol.. Now my legs are shakey from it : /
I did my abs and arms today too :]
Afterwards, I had a long sit down at the computer studying German.
Actually, I had the book for it in hand too. Lots of reading, repeating,
memorizing etc. I learned a lot.. geez

Today I've come to the conclusion that my next move just might be a bit
far fetched right now.. So I will have to back it up for the time being.
What's next?
A realistic PLAN B. I've made it up (with the help of this person :])
Lets see what happens.
I never give too many details until I know its a fact.
--but I will be looking into it tomorrow

Don't you hate when you want to accomplish a goal, yet things always
get in the way?

So You Think You Can Dance was funny tonight lol I will post on that

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies

I cant say it enough.
I really dislike it when people tell lies for no apparent reason, let alone when they tell lies to someone that they really like or are supposed to be "IN LOVE" with.

arent you supposed to share an amazing bond with your lover? your bestfriend?therefore, you shouldnt have to tell them lies, or so i thought. you should be able to talk to them about anything right?
..maybe im old fashioned lol

Why is it so hard for people be true to themselves? Thats usually where it starts. You should be able to accept who you are as a person (whether youre cocky, have low self-esteem, youre a butthole, you nag 24/7 etc.) before you sit there trying to get close to another individual emotionally. The more self-awareness you have, the better relationship you'll have with YOURSELF before hand.

Why do people tell lies to someone thats completely new in their life? I dont see a purpose in making myself out to be something that Im not. Yeah I know people try to make better first impressions on people that they meet and blah blah blah.. but come on now. I really dont care what people think of me, ESPECIALLY if you dont know me well lol. I never felt the need to ever lie about my age ..even when older men approached me (even when i was like freakin 16 lol), nor have I felt the need to make it seem like I had done "certain things" when I actually.. had never even tried it out before. people lie about some crazy BS.

When will people learn that the truth will eventually come out!?
such fools they are..

this blog is about this little chitchat that me and my bestfriend had lastnight lol.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gabi Rojas

So You Think You Can Dance
i think the show will be on every thursday night.. and you might as well get used to me posting my favorite video lol

This girl must be mentioned. wow.. i mean shes so amazing i had to pause the video to just think about what i was seeing lol. she has PERFECT body positioning, perfect feet, perfect balance, perfect arms, shes great. i hope she makes it far in the competition, theres a few people that really stood out to me.. but this girl, her soul just spills out as shes dancing.

Breaking news :]

Its finally official!
My little 15 year old sister in germany will be here on July 6th-
She will finally get to see me perform for the first time.. Being that
THE WIZ performances are all in July :]
I can't waaait.. All of this german studying I've been doing will pay
off when I can speak more in German rather than English to her :]

Saturday, May 23, 2009


So did anyone get the memo that today OLD NAVY had $1 flip flops? Lol I
saw it on tv lastnight and my sister was like "ok the mall opens at
10:00am lets be there before then!"
I was thinking "umm I don't think it'll be that serious"
Boy was I wrong!
You would've thought Michael Jackson or someone of importance was in
that freaking store with the way that they were running, yelling,
shoving etc.
I was like "wow.. All of this for flipflops?" I just wanted a few pairs
to match my brasilin bikinis this summer lol.
It was so out of control.. I got a few colors and then I just asked this
that worked :]
A Grandma got hit in the face with a pair of flipflops lol I know I know
I shouldn't have laughed.. Which is probably why I got hit too.. and was
STILL laughing lmao

Now on another note
My cat Cutie-Patutie started acting weird today, he didn't want to eat,
drink, or even go outside ( he always wants to do that) he was laying in
my sisters room.. Which was odd because he only lays/sleeps in my room.
I tried to pick him up and he started growling and hissing! He hurt my
feelings lol I'm like "geeeez what did I do!?"
come to find out, there's something wrong with his leg.
--See this is the exact reason why I didn't want my mother and sister to
start letting him outside.
He slept all day, in one spot... then he finally moved to my bed. Around
7pm he FINALLY came down stairs.. He was walking slow and limping, but
he ate and then went outside for a little (that's me and him sitting on
the porch together lol). He seems to be doing better.. I wonder what's
going on with his leg though.
Now he's right here rubbing against my leg lol.. I guess that's him
apologizing for being a butthole earlier.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Style

Yeah it is different.. But I like it!
Dude... I'm so "tender-headed" to say the least. You know how little
kids are when they get their hair done? That's how it is when I'm
getting my hair braided lol
my head hurts now!
Lets see how long I can keep this : /

my sidekick is making me angry
Hence the short blog tonight
I need a new phone

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Haha that's me and my mum, she called me early this morning and got me
to pick her up from her truck.
Me, her, and andrea went out to eat breakfast, and had a nice time with
lots of laughs of course.

Afterwards, we went to a gun shop.
Dude.. a lot of my photographer buddies own guns.. My daddy has photos
of him in Saudi Arabia holding his huge guns and crap too.
My mother wants to buy one (she claims that she has one now lol)
I held a few guns while we were in there.. I'm so cautious with them!
Heck.. I was already scared when the guy took his gun out and started
loading it lol. I used to say I'd like to own one some day, but honestly
I don't think I could. I don't think its for me to have
---but by all means, whenever I settle down with someone.. I surely
wouldn't mind them owning one lol.. They can be my protector, yet they
better know wtf they're doing lol.
Guns are just scary to me. I will stick with a sling shot Lmao

I need to post photos of me and my bestfriend reisha. she's actually
laying beside me right now lol.. She's been over here since lastnight.
I'm probably gonna get her to braid my hair tomorrow morning for a cool
new style :] (that's IF I find the energy to wash my hair in the morning
***I still haven't gotten my hair dyed cause Christine has been all over
the place lol..and now I'm wondering if its even a good idea to do so
still?? Maybe this is a sign that if I DO dye it... my hair will fall
out lol. So now I don't know..ugh!

Oh I gave cutie-patutie a bath today
That was a workout! Yet he needed that so bad...geez. He didn't scratch
me once, it was way easier to give him a bath compared to the other cats
I've bathed in the past lol.

--another random thought: its wild just how many people I run into in
Savannah, especially when I called myself being LOW KEY and not telling
everyone here that I was coming. After today, I'm pretty sure all of the
main people officially know that I'm in town.. Savannah is too small to
hide, and you know there's no hiding with this afro lol.
SO I AM NO LONGER IN HIDE OUT. Its useless now, and at least I can say I
tried lol.

Lastly, I DID get a callback yesterday saying.. "Vanisha Dailey, you are
being considered for the dance/course part in The Wiz" I believe they're
gonna call me tomorrow to make it official or not. I failed to mention
that I had to dance AND sing at that audition!!! Lmao.. Somehow I pulled
it off with confidence and said
"I'm a dancer, not a singer.. But I can hold a few notes!"
I sung the intro to Nas' song "If I ruled the world".. You know when
lauren hill is singing in the beginning? Yeah that lol.

So I might be dancing and singing like I did in the AIDA play

Monday, May 18, 2009

After the audition!

contemporary dance

my soul has been touched with this piece.
wow... its so expressive

Sunday, May 17, 2009

rain rain go away

Thats my backyard, FLOODED.. and thats also a ditch thats like 6feet deep and usually doesnt have hardly any water in it... savannah is known for flooding often. there were waves in the street! today looked like this ALL DAY long..well except for this morning, it was so pretty and sunny outside during the A.M. hours.

Cutie-Patutie listened to the rain pour, but once he heard the thunder.. he shot under the bed lol!

lol he's so dark with those glowing eyes hahaha

I went to this Catholic church with my sister (i told her i'd go) it was actually very nice compared to baptist churches which are just too over the top usually lol. The people were so friendly.. it was cool to see what Catholic's do at church, all of the knealing, bowing before sitting, dipping our hands in holy water and doing that cross thingy with our hand (sorry if theres a name for that but i dont know it lol) although im not religious... i would go there once every bluemoon.. maybe... and with my sister asking me to go with her lol. but you know what is something that ive always hated about church??

HOW LOoooOONG THE SERVICE IS. but at this church.. it was only 1 hour! I was shocked, 8:30-9:30am.. i was amazed and they start ON TIME.

So once we came back from church, we went running.. i had tanlines when i came back inside lol. the was a very good run, and the first time that its ever been actually HOT when i ran! Ive been waiting and waiting for the heat to come so that I can just go running in shorts and a sports bra up a nice sweat.. rather than running in the cold weather.

we went bowling again tonight!! and i saw some of my old band buddies from highschool!! that was nice :]

lastly... im mad. I've lost my ring that my sister sereda gave to me :[ i took it off when we went bowling last sunday because my thumb wouldnt fit unless i took it off.. i placed it in my purse.. and now i cant find it.. ugh. no, its not like a diamond ring or anything but jewelry is soooo so so so special to me when someone has given it to me (which is also very rare lol). I hardly ever took that ring off for the past 2 years, and now my hand is NAKED. I love to have pieces of jewelry that I can wear 24/7.

auditions for the WIZ are tomorrow! I believe i'm going :]

Saturday, May 16, 2009


So this morning my sister asked me if i wanted to go to the mall with her and Greg (her boyfriend). i agreed. But then they decided that we would go to hiltonhead instead of dealing with the same 2 malls here in Savannah. --By the way, Hiltonhead is in South Carolina.

Actually if I'm not mistaken, I think thats where we used to live BEFORE we had ever lived in Savannah, so I believe we moved there when we came from Germany after I was born... or was it Hinesville?? lol i think thats in South Carolina too (shame ive moved too many places)

anyway, hiltonhead is like 35-40min away from Savannah, so its quite close.

as usual, i enjoy the ride lol.

we went to all of these different stores that were apart of this outlet.. and look at the best thing i got while i was there

i LOVE this bag :] .. geez its just so wild looking.. perfect!

we ate at this really nice Thai restaurant after we shopped too. Greg didnt like his food, but then again he's used to SOULFOOD lol.. but me and Andrea really enjoyed everything about it, even down to the STRAWS PAPER


(if you cant tell.. they twirled the extra straw paper around the top of each one)

Friday, May 15, 2009


SMARTIES yum yum yum

Do you remember playing super mario and you could go to the stages where
everything is GIANT sized, like super over sized? Lol that's what these
remind me of..
You're so used to seeing them in such a tiny form, yet now you can get
the big version and make them last!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I swear..

Due to my recent stalker problems, I'm even more so cautious of who I
communicate with online.
Aside from that, I don't chitchat with random people that I DON'T know
on instant messagers.
Perfect example as to why:

-------------------------------- 9:10 pm
Him: just googled your name and OH my this is the lovely miss dailey :D
now I remember who you are :D

Me: Who are you
robescobar07: just a fan saw you on one of the modeling sites I think
and thought you were very interesting :)

Him: however some people don't like just fans and like to keep it
strictly professional contact only so if so i understand and will delete
you no worries
-------------------------------- 9:18 pm
Me: Link me to a page of yours!
Me: Thank you.. I appreciate that !

Him: i only have one besides myspace with a pic on it and it's a little
kinky so I don't think you would want to see it LOL anyway. Myspace use
to have a pics but too many co-workers have myspace now and facebook so
I took those pics down lol
-------------------------------- 9:34 pm
Him: oh and you should probably keep my display pic closed :)
Him: that's if we continue to chat ;)
------------------------------- 11:39 pm
Him: still here?

See? I had already had an odd vibe and was a little weirded out with the
first I'M that he sent, but I tried to just suck it up to try not to
come off as "rude".. just in case this was someone that truly favored
what I do.

so then i asked him to link me to one of his pages.. so that i could see the FACE behind the words, and with that simple test.. he could not come through. FAILED lol. Thats my way of seeing what kind of person im dealing with lol.

Honestly if he was some regular person, he wouldn't be mentioning the
KINKY photos he has and doesn't want me to see. Wtf.. I hope this isn't
that stalker.

Someone told me to block him, and I did.. So why is he still able to im
me I wonderrrr
And he's still doing it.. So I'm signing off

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kinda cool

I really liked these two photos. I was standing on one foot doing my
HALF-scorpion for quite some time, while the photographers played around
with this wild lighting.

I handled some business today, started looking for work, and made a much
needed doctors appointment.. finally. I need a physical so bad..
Geez I can't wait to get it over with.
I'm proud of myself for already making moves, when I haven't even been
back here for a month yet.
Time is a serious matter!

For a good chunk of this day, I was trying to order a new phone. If its
not one thing.. Its another. I need this new phone... crap, hopefully it
won't be sold out by the time I'm able to order it.

Oh I went to the thrift store today, found 3 NICE items, 1 shirt, and 2
dresses. I was gonna remake both of the dressed... and then I wasn't
able to get them!!!
I had to rush and take my mother back to the southside of town.. so that
she could hop back in her 18-wheeler, and head to virginia before she
got in trouble for being in town too long.
Gosh I can't believe I missed out on those lol..

All jokes aside I need to make it to atlanta asap to get my things.. Ugh
I don't see the purpose in paying for a moving truck when I don't have
enough things to pack it COMPLETELY. Yet no one has enough room for all
of my things in their car at once!
Where's my buddies with SUV's when I need them lol.

I might be in atlanta this weekend if I decide to go..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my birthday weekend :]

I have to admit.. i had a lovely time :]
now remember that celebration i was having at a club?? well yeah, AS I SAID i didnt think anyone would come.. i was correct lol EXCEPT for 1 person (thanks kendria! twas nice seeing you) well kinda 2 cause nate was there too.
but see, being that i knew people wouldnt come..i made sure i didnt have my hopes up about it. When its my birthday, its about me enjoying MY day..not about the people around me.
here's me and nate posting at the club with our drinks in hand. well you know i dont drink.. it was PINEAPPLE JUICE hahaha go on and laugh!! but it was good.

posinggg.. i loved my little skirt! my friend Allen bought it for me when i was like 17 and i think this was my second time ever wearing it lol.

i thought i was liljon dancing with a bottle of water in one hand, and a glass of water in the other hand lol! what a goofball.. but this is when i started gettin LOOSE lol!

lol@ how much we start sweating in the club.. its no joke when you're dancing hard.. look at nate lmao

DANCING MACHINE workin the wall hahaha it was sooo hot, i used kendrias towel hahaha

LMAO nate was droppin it super hot and was super sweaty hahahaa

haha i was feelin myself even though i was super sweaty lol. i had to keep the dancing sweet and simple due to my little skirt and highheels lol. i didnt want my skirt to fly up too high.. so when i started popping, i couldnt pop too hard lol.

me and kendria :] shes a savannah buddy of mine, but she had also moved to atlanta... i hadnt seen her since this year started so it was nice seeing her before i left.

ok so as you know, L'Oreal took me out the day before my birthday. we had so much fun that day!!! wow i havent had that much fun in a long time, so i wanted to make sure that i captured every last bit of it.
we were just standing outside in the parking lot waiting for the place to open in these :]

shes so cute and small .. yet shes like "im not small!" hahaha

this is only half of what happened over these past few days, its been wild! i was supposed to have a performance on saturday too.. but that got canceled, i will post photos from that time frame .

So after all of this, i finally made it to my place in savannah to spend time with my middle sister andrea

..and guess who else?

my Cutie-Patutie! He think hes so grown up now when hes only a year and 2 months old lol.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm taking forever

I know! Man the laptop disliked the numerous photos I was gathering for
a post lol, but I finally got it to work. I Worked on getting this blog
posted a few times today, and thought I'd get it posted before the night
I was obviously wrong! Maybe tomorrow..
Here's a photo for now :]
Me and my middle sister andrea (28)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Until my 22nd birthday! I've had an amazinggg LAST day being 21 :] I'm
ageing with grace, 22 years young (at 12am lol), and I have most
certainly grown as a young lady. I'm happy to be in good spirits
tonight! Actually I've been like this ALL Day

THANK YOU to L'Oreal (1 millionth time lol) for taking me out today. I
had SUCH an amazing day!

Everytime we hang out (which isn't often), we always enjoy ourselves..
but we HAD to be sure to hang out again before I headed to Savannah..
and of course since my big day :]

we had smoothies, went to the mall, rode go carts (we were waiting
outside for them to open in the photo above), and we even played MONSTER
golf! It was like Halloween golf.. playing in a dark grave yard with
only black lights haha! OH and even sat at mcdonalds for like 3 hours
chitchatting about some deep topics :]

Yeah I will post the photos from today (and the next 2 days) like on
sunday or monday.. Yeah that will be the MAIN update on how fun my
birthday weekend turned out to be lol. 10min!
I shall remember this day...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I planned to post some photos. I shall when I get the OKAY :]

I AM gonna do the celebration :]


Would you like to party!?

So I've been abandoning my myspace page, but I just checked a message
that was sent to me on may 3rd.
Happy Birthday! I'm sure you're planning on doing it B.I.G. and there's
no better place to do it than the ultra-sexy Uptown Lounge on Friday
night. I'm offering A FREE birthday party. Here's what comes with it:

1) You'd be FREE all night
2) An unlimited guest list FREE until 12
3) Shout outs from the DJ
4) Your photo on the plasmas
5) VIP wristband for every guest on your list

If you're interested, send me your email address, and I'll have Candy my
Birthday Coordinator send you the details to set it up.

---ohhh really? Wow thanks for the offer.. But what if no one comes? lol
that would suck hahaha
I don't know if I'm gonna do it or not.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Swimsuit photoshoot. With mark turnley and the rest of the
photographers... tonight was a lot of fun.. It was LIVE.
They turned on music and we danced and just enjoyed ourselves!
Oh man they took some killer shots, but here I am taking sultry photos
in the dressing room lol

Dude... I'm so so so very thankful with how many compliments I get even
when I AM out of my comfort zone for a second (lol) But I warm up
eventually haha

They say "you're almost 22.. Flaunt it while you've got it!"
Photos soon :]

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh no not again

I know I know, but give me some credit.. I've went a long time without
dying my hair! Heck, I don't even remember when I did it last! October?
Oooh wait it was in August! Wowww I've never went so long without dying
my hair.. There's been times when I dyed it twice in 2 weeks lol.
Shame.. I was just ASKING for my hair to just FALL out into the sink
Now I only have a little bit in this container, hopefully its enough to
dye just a patch of the front.. That's all I want to dye. But if it
isn't, then I will get Christine to REdye it for me when I get to
savannah :]

I've been trying not to cut my hair at all, or shave a patch off.. So
I'm trying to find something new for it so I won't get bored for a
while, and this pink patch of hair might patch up the urges of doing so

Yayyy I've always wanted pink hair.. Its a hard color to get, especially
since I'm not bleaching my dark roots either. I'm only gonna work with
the light brown/blonde that's in it now, so I wouldn't be surprised if
it comes out like a freaking shade of red or something.
::crosses fingers for a pink patch::

I shall do this a little later this week in hopes to have a new look for
my birthday.
I'm leaving on saturday to savannah :]
--Yet still trying to get some extra things to work in my favor this

Saturday, May 2, 2009

loads after loads

Of washing clothes. How fun. That's what I get for waiting until the
last minute to wash everything that I had gotten out of storage. Now
here I am washing everything that was packed, only to REPACK it right
after I dry the items lol.
Not only that, but reorganizing everything I own, while trying to make
it easier on myself for the move.

That's what I get for weeks of "procrastination". Yet doesn't it feel so
good to get a task done, after numerous times of delaying it?
sweet and simple tonight.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Next audition

The Wiz! Yeeeah this will be a lot of fun. One of my dance teachers
Muriel, is actually gonna be the choreographer.. so I think I have a
good chance of getting a spot in this play :]
Her dance style is GORGEOUS too.. I'm excited! Did I mention that this
is going to be in Savannah? The audition is this month
..look at the time...
My birthday month yayyy lol
Anytime my birthday is approaching, I try to remember special moments
that happened a few days before my day, or even the night before. The
reality is quite shocking when you think about it: I will NEVER be this
age EVER again.

So its always cool to be doing something that you WANT to be doing for
the last few days/hours of you being a certain age. Whether its you
eating your favorite candy, watching your favorite show, talking to your
bestfriend, or even spending time with a lover :]