Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a day

Way too long.. Been up since 6am... now its 6:10am on easter morning. Today will be MINE.Blog later, partied
I woke up officially at like 1pm with like 10 textmessages from people saying happy easter, and aim ims! (Happy easter everyone..this is a regular day for me)
--so I had to push myself to get up, and take my guyfriend lloyd to the train station at 8am.. but once I got back home, I got right in bed again.

My friends pushed me to go out to the club lastnight, I so didn't wanna go cause I wasn't feeling well. I've finally come to the conclusion that its my ALLERGIES that's making me feel crappy lately. I just get bad headaches, irritated eyes, and a hoarse voice.. Enough to make me just wanna lounge at home all day long. So yeah I went out lastnight, we didn't make it to the club until 2:20am or so cause lloyd is ALWAYS late (like the average gay guy that takes forever lol), left the club at 5am. that's so out of control on so many levels, I'm not even a night owl.. So I was super sleepy already.

Earlier that day, me and lloyd went to lenox mall and chilled.. Met up with some buddies, hung with jazz.. Yeah we had a nice time there.
We took a lot of photos... I need to get those from them and post :]

Man I feel like DEATH now lol. From this day on, I'm only going to the club if I WANT TO, and not to please others..cause I knew my body couldn't handle that lol. I mean I had fun, the club was packed, TERRY WAS THERE :hugs: ..lots of friends were out that I hadn't seen in a long time.. but I was getting bored in there at times. I give that night at the club night a 7 out of 10.

Let me get this off of my chest.. Going to the gay clubs you see some interesting things that you won't see in straight clubs.. I could walk in the gayclub naked if I wanted to, but I wouldn't lol. I wanna know why this girl decided to wear a tube top, panties, and WEDGED higheels to the club.. Wtf? Did I mention that it was like those boyshort/thong underwear? I mean she was droppin it and everything on that nasty floor.. I just shook my head like "are you serious?" I wonder where were her friends when she was getting dressed for the club? Maybe she was rushing and forgot her pants lol

Oh and to end this blog.. Guess who sent me a disturbing text message this morning after not hearing from them in some weeks. THE STALKER
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