Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twisted all pretty

Pretty all twisted. I finally twisted my hair (stupid blogspot isn't agreeing with my photos :[ ) ..I needed to do something to it, and to avoid cutting it lol. I've got some hair rods!! So after this I will have a head full of curls... gonna play around with it and see what happens.
I went out for a few hours.. Ate and had icecream.. Pretty cool.. And yes I feel way better then I did yesterday lol.

there's been so many things I've been wanting to blog about lately.. but I had my mind on other things, but now I'm ready lol.

I've been watching the history channel and science channel a lot more recently (I know I know "what a nerd") that stuff is sooo interesting to me! There's times when I just sit and watch those channels all day long lol.. Including the Traveling channel :]

They talked about the Tuskegee Airmen, which is sooo cool.. being that I love airplanes lol. They had those P-51 fighterjets, those guys were grand fighters in the sky!

Oh maaaan there was a whole weekend of Armageddon information! Dude, if you aren't informed with Nostradamus.. Its time for you to do some research on him. THEN, look up what he predicted for the day of 12/21/2012 (which is my mothers birthday by the way)

Then there were talks about our solar system! The planet of Neptune is so neat, yet they all are in their own unique ways. --This fact bothers me.. yet I don't think everyone knows, nor do they care lol FACT: The planet of Pluto is no longer apart of the solar system. Basically its always been an oddball.. Super icy, dancing to its own tune, and so far out.. But they've decided that its just a beat up meteor that got bumped into orbit. How could they just exclude it? Poor Pluto :[ lol. I bet they still teach kids about it in school though.

A very interesting topic on the architectural structures of tunnels.. how they are built, what they do to try and make them as safe and also as strong as possible.. Just in case of any disasters. Anytime I go into a tunnel, I'm always looking at those huge pipes like "hm I wonder what those are" (cause they didnt all look like lights and fans), now I know that they're just special types of fans. Fires tend to happen within these huge tunnels, so its easy for people to get trapped.. therefore, those special fans (that bring air in from the outside of the tunnel) could be the things to save lots of people!

That's not even half of the stuff, but as you can see I can talk about them endlessly lol I love it. You should watch it sometime!

Anyway..I got a lot of personal comments about that last blog I posted (Ims, text messages, blog comments etc.) Thanks to Sanyu, she tells me that my emotions isn't a sign of WEAKNESS.. And that I'm quite powerful :] sooo I decided to not delete it. Aside from that.. being that this is my blog.. As time passes, I want to be able to go back through my blogs, and see where I was standing MENTALLY. So that's a great example of it :]

I just thought of something.. I'm gonna start quoting some of you all (even more so then what I've been doing) and making it apart of my blog. So don't be surprised if I hit a quick CUT&PASTE out of our chitchat lol. My people tend to give such grand words of advice, to the point that it shall never be bypassed nor forgotten! Goodnight :]
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