Wednesday, April 15, 2009

studio150 (part2)

So marc took a photo of me and the other photographers that came out that night, he so didn't put his photo up! (I was the only model). The first photo with just me, is one that Kim took of me.. I like her she's really nice. Kimmy is another photographer that I have amazing chemistry with.. we talk like we have been best girl friends forever lol I love it :]. ---then there's the youngest photographer that's ever taken photos of me.. Elizabeth, she's Thomas' daughter.. I thought that was pretty cool.AnywayI'm sleepy.. I have to make myself get up and run in the morning, maybe I will skip tomorrow.. Cause that sounds impossible right about now lolGosh I have photos to post, but I don't wanna do it from my sidekick. Yo necesito una computadora para el blog.[I think I need to express myself..whatever that means lol]
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