Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Studio 150

theres a few shots from Mike tonight, it was so nice seeing him, we havent worked together in monnnths, yet our stuff always comes out nice. He wanted to catch me doing some dancer-like moves lol, I was like "umm my jeans are pretty tight.. But I will try!", somehow it worked.. But if I wasnt in those jeans it would really look good. I just kept jumping over and over, I'm surprised at how graceful I look.. Rather then having a not-so-striking face lol.

So I THOUGHT that me and Marc Turnley were going to be working one-on-one today.. I was wrong lol. He brought me in today as a model for one of his photography groups again (that was literally 1 block up from my old job in midtown atl), there was like 6 photographers. It was pretty cool actually, and I got some cool clothes out of it :]

Man so marc and his assistance molly came knocking at the door, and I got thrown off cause I was busy trying to gather my makeup, make sure the cats had food while I was gone etc.. Which led me to FORGET MY CELLPHONE AT HOME. Ahhh this is the 3rd time I've done this recently! Its like I start rushing, and completely forget about it, yet its something that I'm always using so how could I over look it?! I was anxious to get back to my phone, because I knew someone would be worried about where I was :[ Not only that but I wanted to chitchat lol
I left the house at 3 something in the afternoon, made it back from the photoshoot at about 11:20 tonight. Marc had taken me and molly out to eat afterwards..
we ate, talked, laughed, and watched baseball on one of the numerous tvs in there.
--another tv had caught my attention... It was a fight on spike tv, and made me think "I need to get home to my phone asap"
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