Saturday, April 18, 2009

Over thinking it.

As usual, whenever I have a situation on my hands.. My mind is just going a million miles per second. Which is probably why I have this headache. Just so many things to think about and/or do etc. Heck I had to pause this movie just to type this blog, because I wasnt even paying attention to the tv.. Geez.

Umm Don't you hate when you get your hopes up about something? Whether it be big or small, I've gotten good at telling myself "Don't get excited! Don't get your hopes up! Anything can happen!" so I'm basically preparing myself just in case I get slapped in the face when I'm let down. Yet sometimes, I just can't help myself.. and I end up getting PUNCHED in the face instead with how things happen. Which is saddening, yet that's my fault :[

But on a good note I have another photoshoot next weekend! I'm actually pretty proud of myself now I just realized that I haven't had a job since this year started, yet my modeling and dancing is a job? Lol but its like I work when I want to! Hopefully when I go to savannah this summer, I will be able to snag a job for some extra DOLLAS. That would be niiiice, since jobs are like nonexistent in atlanta lol.
Oh yeah remember that show that I danced in.. back in Feb? The African-American Dance Review. Yeah well I got a letter in the mail, they want me to be in it again. So April 26th is the audition date.. well its the Call Back date. The old members get like VIP auditioning, so we skip the first audition lol.
Trust me, I want to do it again.. But its kind of messing up plans for this summer, since I planned on going to savannah. I don't know though, I'm just taking everything one day at a time, I'm gonna audition anyway.
I'm gonna be moving my things very soon, and as you all should know by now: I HATE MOVING THINGS! So I'm gonna be throwing a lot away lol. Like when I moved from savannah to atlanta, I was thinking "I'm not gonna need all of this stuff, nor do I want to move it!" so I threw a lot of clothes, shoes, and crap away.. and also gave a lot away to my late stepfather's nieces (they're like 10 and 11 so they loved the junk lol)
With that being said, my load was veryyyy LIGHT when I moved MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I wish I only needed like 1 suitcase to live my life out of lol, I just hate having a lot of things! Like when I go out of town, I pack super light (not your average girl I know) not only that, but I wait until the last minute to gather what I'm bringing on the trips, and it works for me.. Unlike my MOTHER! When I tell you this lady OVERPACKS like never before lol. Half of the time, there's no room for my little suitcase because she's got like 10 outfits and 10 pairs of shoes with her lol. Did I mention that she will bring all of that for a 1 weekend trip? Shame lol

So I just got my things out of storage like 2 months ago (not even that long probably) and I refuse to put my things BACK in there cause for 1: I don't want the extra bill, and 2: I don't have many things! The only reason I was going to have to put my things in there again, was because of my queen sized bed. You know good and well I didn't plan on trucking that thing down to savannah.. Screw that. So guess what I'm gonna do? THROW IT AWAY lol people might think I'm crazy for that but heck its old anyway. CRAIGSLIST.ORG is a freaking lifesaver I swear to you, you can find anything on there! When I first moved to atlanta, that site is how I had my first 3 jobs here. So I looked under the FURNITURE section, and realized just how many people sell their brand new beds, couches, diningroom sets and stuff on there for really good prices. So that's how I'm gonna get another bed, and I might even down size, since I always like to get rid of things. Who knows, but its my way of making my life a lot easier.. since it is just lil ol me : /
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