Friday, April 17, 2009


These photos are from this past saturday..we were at the mall, then one is from that night when we were at the club lol. Me, lloyd, jazz, and copeland :]Dude.. So I noticed that in like 2 of those photos I have an orb around me, actually in one photo I have like 2 around me. I wonder if its true about what they say orbs are? And if so, why aren't they around anyone else lol.. Read this: "Ghostly orbs are the most photographed anomalies caught on film by ghost hunters and are quite photogenic (when they want to be). They can be completely transparent or display themselves in a bright solid form. It is not hard to capture them on film in their circular form. It is theorized that ghosts prefer the form of an Orb (ball of light) because it takes less energy thus being the mode of choice among the ghosts."Interesting..
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