Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once again

I can't wait to leave this area next month lol, and I can't say it enough.What a horrible storm AGAIN. It was in the 80s today, and then this big storm came out of no where. The whole porch ended up covered with hail, while the street looked more like a rushing river. Tornado sirens roaring. My bad nerves can't take it anymore!

I MUST experience a showgirl performance in Las Vegas one day. That would be so great.. I love Jazz dance, and that's all Las Vegas is! I would so make a killing if I lived out there... geez

So I am still working out.. faithfully, but what's bothering me.. is how I have to slow my workouts down do to my bad joints/muscles here and there. 1. A bad knee (right): I've torn muscles in it, and there's also a case of tendonitis there
2. A bad elbow (right): due to an accident during dance practice.. It aches so bad and pops way more then usual. Something tells me that this just might send me to the doctor soon.
3.Aside from those, my lowerback isn't exactly the best either, I screwed it up when I was like 16.. so now I have spasms there when its triggered. I have no idea wtf is up with the tension in my upperback, but it hurts lol

That's what I get for being a dancer, too much movement and bending my body in ways that they shouldn't always be able to bend (thanks to ballet mostly)
Now all of my joints make cracking, popping, grinding sounds..

I could be seriously screwed when I get old, so I have to rely on staying active and lots vitamins! A massage chair would be so perfect.. And I mean the REAL ones that have those like rolling, vibrating balls in it (lol seriously, that's what they are!) that's a DEEP tissue massage that I'm in great need of on a daily basis. Heck, now that I think about it.. anything that massages would be nice to have.
Dirty mind lol
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