Sunday, April 26, 2009

No audition

This is retarded. Everything this weekend has been canceled, I guess me dancing with AADR again wasnt meant to be :[ And I guess I AM supposed to go to savannah and spend precious time with my family for the summer.

its pretty outside today! I'm leaving another petsmart. Me and jessica have driven like 100miles from city to city trying to find a YELLOW AND WHITE, MALE, CANARY bird as a gift for her mothers birthday today. --I get ants in my pants after driving around town handling tasks for hours, Its just not my thing. If I have some business to handle, I get out early in the morning. Get in, and get out. I dont have time for all of that extra lingering around that most women do religiously. I'm like "ahh wtf let this be the last run before I shoot myself!" lol

Kevin from AADR called me like 2 hours ago and asked me if I can come out and audition tomorrow at like 7:30pm :] they really want me to be apart of it!I hope I can make it out there.. If I do dance with aadr again... I'm really gonna have to level out
dance/ATLANTA and family/SAVANNAH
that should be interesting.. Either I can. Or either I can't.

Fact: its rare to have someone around that you can always depend on

Remember that :]
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