Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IT WORKS! but no sound :[

ohhhh my goodness its my VERY first dance reel, we taped this during like the second month of us moving to atlanta. i cant believe its working again!!! im mad it has no sound but at least its working lol.
it was soooooo COLD outside while we were filming this... it was like 18 degrees! and also for the record.. this is all FREESTYLED, meaning: im just dancing off the top of my head, it wasnt choreographed :]

and also
Najasism aka NATE my dance partner... this fun video he made for his song "move", yeah he's stepping into the music scene. i was supposed to be in it but yeah thats another story lol.
all of the dancers are dance buddies of mine (j-smoove thats rapping is also one of our dance buddies), the 2 male backup dancers are like 14 and 16 years old... theyre great :]
..oh yeah the old lady is in her 40s lol shes so cool and can always keep up with us in dance class

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