Friday, April 3, 2009

My motivation

Yup Hillary's body is a killer in this picture... once I was shown this photo, I got motivated. {thanks brb :]}I just jumped up like, "ok what do I do to get like that!?" lol I mean.. I am on the right track already, but I obviously need to do more..with the upper body work outs too :] I want my waistline to look like that!!Yesterday I over did it on my leg workout at the gym : / (1 hour on lower body). I was hitting those machines obsessively lol. And today I did a loooot of upper body, I will be sore in the morning. If I'm not sore, then I will be very surprised. Dang it today was supposed to be my NO WORKOUT day.. yeah right. I have 2 photo shoots tomorrow $$$ a little bothered that I gave one of the photographers a $75 dollar discount, stupid. I just agreed.. Why? Because I'm so sweet as freaking usual... he's really cool, and I've worked with him like 4 other times.. but I sure could've used that money lol. I basically gave him a free hour of my time.. I believe I did c!
harge him
75 an hour. Crappers.---Tomorrow I will hop on the train!! I HAVEN'T BEEN ON THE TRAIN SINCE THIS YEAR STARTED lol I miss the train!! Hate the buses though.So yeah, two photoshoots back to back!Oh yeah.... I might be relocating again way sooner then what I thought. I shall tell that later
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