Monday, April 20, 2009

My mother

Lol.. Super blurry but she was like 19 in this photo, but that's her.. Elisha Dailey (yup she named me so that our names would rhyme).

We had a nice long phone chitchat today, it was very interesting lol. You know what? After watching the relationship that my oldest sister and my mother have had over the years, I noticed how they got closer as sereda (my sister) grew up, my middle sister Andrea just has a different relationship with her, they're close.. but in another sense.

I feel like since I've been living here in Atlanta, me and my mother have gotten closer. But today topped it all off lol, you know how some people have a mother that they can talk to about anything like they're ALSO friends? Well that's what it was like today, and I liked it. We talked about EVERYTHING.. And she gave me a lot of advice. It got weird hearing her say certain things, yet so freaking funny to hear.. So I kept saying to myself "just let her talk, let her talk, cause then you'll be able to RE!
ALLY talk
about anything with her."
I was able to really find out somethings that I've been wondering about my mother.. Just by asking :]

Sisters. Relationships. Sex. Men. Women. Dating. Sexuality. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Future. Past.haha..
she wants me to bring a MAN home one day lol
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