Thursday, April 16, 2009

protective guard!

I've written this blog like 4 times and deleted it everytime.
And I've been sitting here for almost 2 hours ..puzzled and dumbfounded.. trying to put the words together on how I wanted them to be read.. scratch that 5 times now.
I'm a very sensitive person.. And its taken me years to admit that to myself, cause I'm such a gangster :] I don't cry much.. I rarely do, but when someone effects me emotionally (this doesn't mean I have to actually cry) that's when I know I've opened the door pretty wide..
I heard a pretty song tonight on that dance show "Taking the stage", Aaron sung it.
"I love you, but the words come out wrong"
This blog is fairly useless.. Here its 9 minutes To 12am.
Doesn't matter
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