Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its your eyes!

Or at least that's what Matt always tells me lol.. then he zooms in catches the flame in them :]
Powerful picture.

Ok time to start blabbering about everything lol
So today was nate's birthday (my dance partner/exroommate) he's actually having a celebration for it tomorrow night at the upscale lounge downtown, I'm trying to make it out therrrre.. we shall see though.::phone ringing::: who the heck is C.J.? I have so many numbers in my phone due to networking and crap yet I don't know 15% of them. I just save the numbers for whenever they do call me, which is useless now that I think about it.. being that I'm horrible with names. I need to delete numbers now.

I decided to wash my hair today. I bought new products, and the shampoo was amazinggg! yet when I got to the conditioner (which is also the step where I comb my hair) It wasn't working.. That when I read the bottle and discovered that its a leave-in conditioner.. Wtf? I just needed regular rich conditioner!
Some people may not understand why I talk about my hair so much, but its such a huge deal aside from MOST womens hair lol (esp if its not natural hair). My hair has to be cared for 100x more compared to the average head of hair, because its texture.. as its called kinky/coily. Very HIGH maintenance (meaning I can't put just anything in it), yet simple products do the job.
Now from that simple mistake of grabbing a leave-in conditioner, rather then a regular conditioner.. I couldn't do anything to my hair today. I couldn't comb it out, Its so tangled :[
Tomorrow, I will wash my hair again with that grand shampoo, and ATTEMPT to comb it out while the shampoo is in there instead.
wish me luck.. Hopefully I can gain energy to try again : /

Anyway, I'm gonna be kittysitting this weekend.. watching after the 2 bad boys Chip and Oreo. Those cats are so sweet though! They're also Cutie-Patutie's homeboys.. or at least Oreo is lol.
Did I mention that I'm NOT gonna be in woodstock? I'm gonna be in sandy springs! from friday-tuesday or something like that while watching them..know what that means?! ACCESS TO MARTA! I can hop my butt on the bus/train and go wherever the heck I please :]
Yeah so once I told nate that, he called me back and said "ohh I'm glad you're gonna be in sandy springs.. we are performing saturday night at a fashion show, and I don't have a main girl to dance with. I need you to dance" wtf lol that was really spur of the moment. I might dance though, since I've been missing out.. being in woodstock and all (gay)

To top it off I got a call from the great photographer Marc Turnley, he wants to do a photoshoot with me on monday in Little 5 Points! Technically, this is our FIRST photoshoot together. Any other time he brings me around, he brings me as a model for other photographers to take photos.. which have all been photography groups (nice paying gigs might I add :]) So in cases like those, he only has taken a few photos of me when no one else was at the moment... so this one-on-one time should be fun, and well worth it...

I hope its not cold in the morning.. I HATE running in the cold!!!
Let me catch Zzz'z

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