Monday, April 20, 2009

I was so scared

Lately, the weather has been so bad here in atlanta, with lots of storms, tornado warnings, and even tornado watches.. Completely out of control.

Like last week, we were under a tornado watch.. I was so cautious of the wind, hail, and even lightening to the point that I couldn't sleep.. but eventually, I was able to rest. Then when I woke up the next morning.. I turned on the news, and the first thing I heard was
"There was a funnel cloud forming over a neighborhood in woodstock", and then they showed a freakin picture of the tornado literally about to touch the ground. Wtf. I'm glad that bs didn't happen, because I was clearly asleep at the time.

THE CONFESSION: all of my close people know that I have a huge fear of bad weather. It used to be really bad when I was little.. its not half as bad now.

I was mostly raised in Savannah, Georgia which is right on the coast. A lot of hurricanes almost hit, but they seemed to always bypass the area. We got strong winds and heavy rain that twirled off of the main mass of the storms.. and we still had to deal with a lot of floods too. When I lived in Tennessee and Alabama, those places had a lot of tornado scares.. and last but not least, Ohio had crazy blizzards.

So with years of wild Mother Nature experiences growing up, and to top it off.. having a middle sister that LOVES to see crazy weather like that (Andrea,28).. It just doesn't sit well with me lol.

I will never forget the time that there was a hurricane headed towards Savannah, and all of the news channels were ordering that we leave the city ASAP. Here's Andrea "Ooh lets stay here!! I wanna see a tornado or something!" what the heck? Lol. Finally, after begging my mother (and getting my aunts from tennessee to call her) we were able to convince her to evacuate lol. The only problem there was now, was that we waited until the LAST MINUTE to leave!! Maaan the car kept blowing off of the highway and everything, we had to pull over numerous times. It was horrible.

So within these past two weeks... I've had to prepare myself to go hide 2 different times (the first time I ever did it was when I was kittysitting.. weekend before last). Usually when they say its a tornado watch/warning, I just ignore it so I don't work myself up.. but the weather has gotten so bad lately to the point I was like "okay.. maybe something IS about to happen". The electricity went off, and I could hear the wind whistling so loudly, even when I was in a room without windows.

Lastnight was the worst though. The tornado sirens were going off like crazy, and that's the first time I've heard the sirens in years.. The lighting and thunder was horribe and super loud. I was TERRIFIED! I mean I was shaking so badly like a little puppy when I heard those sirens roaring over the rain lol. its funny to me now, but at the time I was thinking "oh my goodness what if something happens to me! I need to contact someone!" lol I went and got dress completely, shoes and all like I was going to war lmao.

I just need to be around loved ones though, whether its family, a lover, or even good friends. They'd be able to calm my nerves.. and aside from that, I just hate being alone when the weather is bad : /
---thank you for checking to see if I was okay lastnight L'Oreal.. although I had already fallen asleep lol.

And to end this.
Fact: I will avoid living in rural places like this, because the tornados love these areas even more so
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