Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I go wherever the wind takes me.

I had a nice workout tonight at the gym.. Feeling nice and relaxed! My 7 day free pass expires tomorrow so I enjoyed it while I had it lol. so I will be running in the mornings again.--now back to that subject about me moving. Jessica is selling her house, cause she's tired of living so far away from the city. So with that being said, I'm gonna go to savannah for a little. Prior to me living with jessica, I was planning to go back to savannah for a month just to spend time with my family, since my stepfather had passed away.. But there was a change of plans. So now, I'm missing all of my people in savannah, my mother, my middle sister andrea, friends..heck, I miss my Cutie-Patutie (my cat) he hasn't seen his mommy (me lol) since jan.! I'm excited about doing this, because I know I will really enjoy myself (other then hearing my mothers mouth here and there lol) yet I know my buddies here are gonna give me a hard time about it. Just keep in mind I'm moving back to Atlanta (NO!
HERE AGAIN), and aside from that.. My savannah buddies come to atlanta like every weekend so I will be coming too... its a 4 hour drive.-- consider this savannah stay... A NICE VISIT/VACATIONBy the way... I'm going down there next month lol.
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