Saturday, April 4, 2009

Burnt out.

I had a ball riding the train today. I got lost a few times, since I hadn't done it in so long lol.. But its so easy to figure it out.What a long day of modeling! I had 2 photoshoots that seemed to last forever, most def got the job done though :]The last shoot was at a BASHMENT PARTY lol in other words a Caribbean party lol. Loud reggae music playing, I spent most of the time go-go-windin my hips lol. We went there early before the party started to avoid the crowd.. But you know I was havin my own party on the dance floor alone lol.--why did I drink the punch? why do I always think that everything is non-alcoholic? geez...well maybe because they called it PUNCH! Lol.. I got a serious surprise when I sipped it. burned going down!! I took photos with it though, like I was drinking it lol. I've been having more and more run-ins with alcohol.. Everyone wants to get me drunk .. Not happening! LolThe club owner invited me to come party on friday for the Carnival celebration!! I
wanna experience that so so so bad. Who knows. I'm tired.
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