Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Enjoyed the sun

With keshia and terry at the park today. It was so hot, it felt like
summer.. seriously. Me and keshia spent the night at terry's place
lastnight, and we didn't sleep until like 4am this morning lol. So I
most def. am in need of some Zzz'z

But look at the geese photos! They let me get cloooose! They looked so
cute with their 8 little furry looking babies lol. I wanted to touch one
of the baby ones, but I didn't wanna get attacked by its mommy lol.
I got bit by a duck a few years ago while I was feeding it.. It didn't
hurt really, it was just too surprising for my liking lol. Especially
with all of the hissing that they do when they're trying to scare you
We had a nice time though.. Today was my first day soaking up a few sun

It made me mad that things were sooo simple to do, yet seemed so hard,
because I was on that freaking MACbook. geez.. I don't get how they're
supposed to be the best computers, yet so foreign? Maybe that's just how
I see them, because I'm clueless on a mac for the most part.

Ok its sleepy time for this body, I need to go running in the A.M.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IT WORKS! but no sound :[

ohhhh my goodness its my VERY first dance reel, we taped this during like the second month of us moving to atlanta. i cant believe its working again!!! im mad it has no sound but at least its working lol.
it was soooooo COLD outside while we were filming this... it was like 18 degrees! and also for the record.. this is all FREESTYLED, meaning: im just dancing off the top of my head, it wasnt choreographed :]

and also
Najasism aka NATE my dance partner... this fun video he made for his song "move", yeah he's stepping into the music scene. i was supposed to be in it but yeah thats another story lol.
all of the dancers are dance buddies of mine (j-smoove thats rapping is also one of our dance buddies), the 2 male backup dancers are like 14 and 16 years old... theyre great :]
..oh yeah the old lady is in her 40s lol shes so cool and can always keep up with us in dance class

my sisters

the oldest

the middle

me (vanisha) 21
the baby

Jennifer. 15
the 2nd baby

me and sereda when she came to atlanta.. we hung out around town :]

me, andrea and jennifer drinking starbucks eating icecream with our cousin Brandee (taking the photo) before getting on the plane lol

that was a real laugh.. the icecream was everywhere lol

These were some fun times we shared last year 
This summer.. i shall be adding on :]

Monday, April 27, 2009

dance videos

me and nate
LMAO nate as BRUMKEISHA, me, and ladena. i was behind the camera filming a lot too

obviously, we find this to be entertaining. 
me, lloyd as GUCI, nate (cameraman)
fastforward to 2:16 lmao

This is Nate again, when we first moved to atlanta we made dance reels ASAP
..too bad mine stopped working for no reason. but his is NICE
im at the end of this video for like 5seconds lol

last but not least... another video me and nate made.. we were bored lol
im so so mad that the music isn't working on this video
nice moves though lol

Sunday, April 26, 2009

No audition

This is retarded. Everything this weekend has been canceled, I guess me dancing with AADR again wasnt meant to be :[ And I guess I AM supposed to go to savannah and spend precious time with my family for the summer.

its pretty outside today! I'm leaving another petsmart. Me and jessica have driven like 100miles from city to city trying to find a YELLOW AND WHITE, MALE, CANARY bird as a gift for her mothers birthday today. --I get ants in my pants after driving around town handling tasks for hours, Its just not my thing. If I have some business to handle, I get out early in the morning. Get in, and get out. I dont have time for all of that extra lingering around that most women do religiously. I'm like "ahh wtf let this be the last run before I shoot myself!" lol

Kevin from AADR called me like 2 hours ago and asked me if I can come out and audition tomorrow at like 7:30pm :] they really want me to be apart of it!I hope I can make it out there.. If I do dance with aadr again... I'm really gonna have to level out
dance/ATLANTA and family/SAVANNAH
that should be interesting.. Either I can. Or either I can't.

Fact: its rare to have someone around that you can always depend on

Remember that :]

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I went to see this lastnight with Channing Tatum, he did a nice job. I had already knew who he was as a dancer because he played in one of the more recent dance films (and of course I see like 98% of them lol). He's a great hip hop dancer, yet in this movie he was a fighter.. A street fighter to be exact. So everything was portrayed to be very raw in the movie. Like he had no real training, except for highschool wrestling.. so here he was fresh off of the street, just jumping into all of these NON-wrestling fights.. Though of course that helped him in some ways. It was pretty cool :]

I had some seriously grand mexican food yesterday, and now I'm craving for it again. Ahhh

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once again

I can't wait to leave this area next month lol, and I can't say it enough.What a horrible storm AGAIN. It was in the 80s today, and then this big storm came out of no where. The whole porch ended up covered with hail, while the street looked more like a rushing river. Tornado sirens roaring. My bad nerves can't take it anymore!

I MUST experience a showgirl performance in Las Vegas one day. That would be so great.. I love Jazz dance, and that's all Las Vegas is! I would so make a killing if I lived out there... geez

So I am still working out.. faithfully, but what's bothering me.. is how I have to slow my workouts down do to my bad joints/muscles here and there. 1. A bad knee (right): I've torn muscles in it, and there's also a case of tendonitis there
2. A bad elbow (right): due to an accident during dance practice.. It aches so bad and pops way more then usual. Something tells me that this just might send me to the doctor soon.
3.Aside from those, my lowerback isn't exactly the best either, I screwed it up when I was like 16.. so now I have spasms there when its triggered. I have no idea wtf is up with the tension in my upperback, but it hurts lol

That's what I get for being a dancer, too much movement and bending my body in ways that they shouldn't always be able to bend (thanks to ballet mostly)
Now all of my joints make cracking, popping, grinding sounds..

I could be seriously screwed when I get old, so I have to rely on staying active and lots vitamins! A massage chair would be so perfect.. And I mean the REAL ones that have those like rolling, vibrating balls in it (lol seriously, that's what they are!) that's a DEEP tissue massage that I'm in great need of on a daily basis. Heck, now that I think about it.. anything that massages would be nice to have.
Dirty mind lol

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twisted all pretty

Pretty all twisted. I finally twisted my hair (stupid blogspot isn't agreeing with my photos :[ ) ..I needed to do something to it, and to avoid cutting it lol. I've got some hair rods!! So after this I will have a head full of curls... gonna play around with it and see what happens.
I went out for a few hours.. Ate and had icecream.. Pretty cool.. And yes I feel way better then I did yesterday lol.

there's been so many things I've been wanting to blog about lately.. but I had my mind on other things, but now I'm ready lol.

I've been watching the history channel and science channel a lot more recently (I know I know "what a nerd") that stuff is sooo interesting to me! There's times when I just sit and watch those channels all day long lol.. Including the Traveling channel :]

They talked about the Tuskegee Airmen, which is sooo cool.. being that I love airplanes lol. They had those P-51 fighterjets, those guys were grand fighters in the sky!

Oh maaaan there was a whole weekend of Armageddon information! Dude, if you aren't informed with Nostradamus.. Its time for you to do some research on him. THEN, look up what he predicted for the day of 12/21/2012 (which is my mothers birthday by the way)

Then there were talks about our solar system! The planet of Neptune is so neat, yet they all are in their own unique ways. --This fact bothers me.. yet I don't think everyone knows, nor do they care lol FACT: The planet of Pluto is no longer apart of the solar system. Basically its always been an oddball.. Super icy, dancing to its own tune, and so far out.. But they've decided that its just a beat up meteor that got bumped into orbit. How could they just exclude it? Poor Pluto :[ lol. I bet they still teach kids about it in school though.

A very interesting topic on the architectural structures of tunnels.. how they are built, what they do to try and make them as safe and also as strong as possible.. Just in case of any disasters. Anytime I go into a tunnel, I'm always looking at those huge pipes like "hm I wonder what those are" (cause they didnt all look like lights and fans), now I know that they're just special types of fans. Fires tend to happen within these huge tunnels, so its easy for people to get trapped.. therefore, those special fans (that bring air in from the outside of the tunnel) could be the things to save lots of people!

That's not even half of the stuff, but as you can see I can talk about them endlessly lol I love it. You should watch it sometime!

Anyway..I got a lot of personal comments about that last blog I posted (Ims, text messages, blog comments etc.) Thanks to Sanyu, she tells me that my emotions isn't a sign of WEAKNESS.. And that I'm quite powerful :] sooo I decided to not delete it. Aside from that.. being that this is my blog.. As time passes, I want to be able to go back through my blogs, and see where I was standing MENTALLY. So that's a great example of it :]

I just thought of something.. I'm gonna start quoting some of you all (even more so then what I've been doing) and making it apart of my blog. So don't be surprised if I hit a quick CUT&PASTE out of our chitchat lol. My people tend to give such grand words of advice, to the point that it shall never be bypassed nor forgotten! Goodnight :]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

where did this come from

::in one breath::
Its a challange for me to express these deep emotions because I don't want to seem weak but I'm feeling a little stressed a bit depressed and just a tiny bit lonely feeling alone and singled out and go figure I am SINGLE still Still STILL I don't mind to wait for you yet sometimes its a bit heavy to bare which is actually rare for me but I'm tired of waiting impatiently I've been patient have I not been?
I'm single I do not mingle
Lets just fall in love :]

That was gay
Don't be surprised if its not here when you come back
:back to my ipod and laying in bed:

Monday, April 20, 2009

My mother

Lol.. Super blurry but she was like 19 in this photo, but that's her.. Elisha Dailey (yup she named me so that our names would rhyme).

We had a nice long phone chitchat today, it was very interesting lol. You know what? After watching the relationship that my oldest sister and my mother have had over the years, I noticed how they got closer as sereda (my sister) grew up, my middle sister Andrea just has a different relationship with her, they're close.. but in another sense.

I feel like since I've been living here in Atlanta, me and my mother have gotten closer. But today topped it all off lol, you know how some people have a mother that they can talk to about anything like they're ALSO friends? Well that's what it was like today, and I liked it. We talked about EVERYTHING.. And she gave me a lot of advice. It got weird hearing her say certain things, yet so freaking funny to hear.. So I kept saying to myself "just let her talk, let her talk, cause then you'll be able to RE!
ALLY talk
about anything with her."
I was able to really find out somethings that I've been wondering about my mother.. Just by asking :]

Sisters. Relationships. Sex. Men. Women. Dating. Sexuality. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Future. Past.haha..
she wants me to bring a MAN home one day lol

I was so scared

Lately, the weather has been so bad here in atlanta, with lots of storms, tornado warnings, and even tornado watches.. Completely out of control.

Like last week, we were under a tornado watch.. I was so cautious of the wind, hail, and even lightening to the point that I couldn't sleep.. but eventually, I was able to rest. Then when I woke up the next morning.. I turned on the news, and the first thing I heard was
"There was a funnel cloud forming over a neighborhood in woodstock", and then they showed a freakin picture of the tornado literally about to touch the ground. Wtf. I'm glad that bs didn't happen, because I was clearly asleep at the time.

THE CONFESSION: all of my close people know that I have a huge fear of bad weather. It used to be really bad when I was little.. its not half as bad now.

I was mostly raised in Savannah, Georgia which is right on the coast. A lot of hurricanes almost hit, but they seemed to always bypass the area. We got strong winds and heavy rain that twirled off of the main mass of the storms.. and we still had to deal with a lot of floods too. When I lived in Tennessee and Alabama, those places had a lot of tornado scares.. and last but not least, Ohio had crazy blizzards.

So with years of wild Mother Nature experiences growing up, and to top it off.. having a middle sister that LOVES to see crazy weather like that (Andrea,28).. It just doesn't sit well with me lol.

I will never forget the time that there was a hurricane headed towards Savannah, and all of the news channels were ordering that we leave the city ASAP. Here's Andrea "Ooh lets stay here!! I wanna see a tornado or something!" what the heck? Lol. Finally, after begging my mother (and getting my aunts from tennessee to call her) we were able to convince her to evacuate lol. The only problem there was now, was that we waited until the LAST MINUTE to leave!! Maaan the car kept blowing off of the highway and everything, we had to pull over numerous times. It was horrible.

So within these past two weeks... I've had to prepare myself to go hide 2 different times (the first time I ever did it was when I was kittysitting.. weekend before last). Usually when they say its a tornado watch/warning, I just ignore it so I don't work myself up.. but the weather has gotten so bad lately to the point I was like "okay.. maybe something IS about to happen". The electricity went off, and I could hear the wind whistling so loudly, even when I was in a room without windows.

Lastnight was the worst though. The tornado sirens were going off like crazy, and that's the first time I've heard the sirens in years.. The lighting and thunder was horribe and super loud. I was TERRIFIED! I mean I was shaking so badly like a little puppy when I heard those sirens roaring over the rain lol. its funny to me now, but at the time I was thinking "oh my goodness what if something happens to me! I need to contact someone!" lol I went and got dress completely, shoes and all like I was going to war lmao.

I just need to be around loved ones though, whether its family, a lover, or even good friends. They'd be able to calm my nerves.. and aside from that, I just hate being alone when the weather is bad : /
---thank you for checking to see if I was okay lastnight L'Oreal.. although I had already fallen asleep lol.

And to end this.
Fact: I will avoid living in rural places like this, because the tornados love these areas even more so

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Over thinking it.

As usual, whenever I have a situation on my hands.. My mind is just going a million miles per second. Which is probably why I have this headache. Just so many things to think about and/or do etc. Heck I had to pause this movie just to type this blog, because I wasnt even paying attention to the tv.. Geez.

Umm Don't you hate when you get your hopes up about something? Whether it be big or small, I've gotten good at telling myself "Don't get excited! Don't get your hopes up! Anything can happen!" so I'm basically preparing myself just in case I get slapped in the face when I'm let down. Yet sometimes, I just can't help myself.. and I end up getting PUNCHED in the face instead with how things happen. Which is saddening, yet that's my fault :[

But on a good note I have another photoshoot next weekend! I'm actually pretty proud of myself now I just realized that I haven't had a job since this year started, yet my modeling and dancing is a job? Lol but its like I work when I want to! Hopefully when I go to savannah this summer, I will be able to snag a job for some extra DOLLAS. That would be niiiice, since jobs are like nonexistent in atlanta lol.
Oh yeah remember that show that I danced in.. back in Feb? The African-American Dance Review. Yeah well I got a letter in the mail, they want me to be in it again. So April 26th is the audition date.. well its the Call Back date. The old members get like VIP auditioning, so we skip the first audition lol.
Trust me, I want to do it again.. But its kind of messing up plans for this summer, since I planned on going to savannah. I don't know though, I'm just taking everything one day at a time, I'm gonna audition anyway.
I'm gonna be moving my things very soon, and as you all should know by now: I HATE MOVING THINGS! So I'm gonna be throwing a lot away lol. Like when I moved from savannah to atlanta, I was thinking "I'm not gonna need all of this stuff, nor do I want to move it!" so I threw a lot of clothes, shoes, and crap away.. and also gave a lot away to my late stepfather's nieces (they're like 10 and 11 so they loved the junk lol)
With that being said, my load was veryyyy LIGHT when I moved MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I wish I only needed like 1 suitcase to live my life out of lol, I just hate having a lot of things! Like when I go out of town, I pack super light (not your average girl I know) not only that, but I wait until the last minute to gather what I'm bringing on the trips, and it works for me.. Unlike my MOTHER! When I tell you this lady OVERPACKS like never before lol. Half of the time, there's no room for my little suitcase because she's got like 10 outfits and 10 pairs of shoes with her lol. Did I mention that she will bring all of that for a 1 weekend trip? Shame lol

So I just got my things out of storage like 2 months ago (not even that long probably) and I refuse to put my things BACK in there cause for 1: I don't want the extra bill, and 2: I don't have many things! The only reason I was going to have to put my things in there again, was because of my queen sized bed. You know good and well I didn't plan on trucking that thing down to savannah.. Screw that. So guess what I'm gonna do? THROW IT AWAY lol people might think I'm crazy for that but heck its old anyway. CRAIGSLIST.ORG is a freaking lifesaver I swear to you, you can find anything on there! When I first moved to atlanta, that site is how I had my first 3 jobs here. So I looked under the FURNITURE section, and realized just how many people sell their brand new beds, couches, diningroom sets and stuff on there for really good prices. So that's how I'm gonna get another bed, and I might even down size, since I always like to get rid of things. Who knows, but its my way of making my life a lot easier.. since it is just lil ol me : /

Friday, April 17, 2009


These photos are from this past saturday..we were at the mall, then one is from that night when we were at the club lol. Me, lloyd, jazz, and copeland :]Dude.. So I noticed that in like 2 of those photos I have an orb around me, actually in one photo I have like 2 around me. I wonder if its true about what they say orbs are? And if so, why aren't they around anyone else lol.. Read this: "Ghostly orbs are the most photographed anomalies caught on film by ghost hunters and are quite photogenic (when they want to be). They can be completely transparent or display themselves in a bright solid form. It is not hard to capture them on film in their circular form. It is theorized that ghosts prefer the form of an Orb (ball of light) because it takes less energy thus being the mode of choice among the ghosts."Interesting..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

protective guard!

I've written this blog like 4 times and deleted it everytime.
And I've been sitting here for almost 2 hours ..puzzled and dumbfounded.. trying to put the words together on how I wanted them to be read.. scratch that 5 times now.
I'm a very sensitive person.. And its taken me years to admit that to myself, cause I'm such a gangster :] I don't cry much.. I rarely do, but when someone effects me emotionally (this doesn't mean I have to actually cry) that's when I know I've opened the door pretty wide..
I heard a pretty song tonight on that dance show "Taking the stage", Aaron sung it.
"I love you, but the words come out wrong"
This blog is fairly useless.. Here its 9 minutes To 12am.
Doesn't matter

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

studio150 (part2)

So marc took a photo of me and the other photographers that came out that night, he so didn't put his photo up! (I was the only model). The first photo with just me, is one that Kim took of me.. I like her she's really nice. Kimmy is another photographer that I have amazing chemistry with.. we talk like we have been best girl friends forever lol I love it :]. ---then there's the youngest photographer that's ever taken photos of me.. Elizabeth, she's Thomas' daughter.. I thought that was pretty cool.AnywayI'm sleepy.. I have to make myself get up and run in the morning, maybe I will skip tomorrow.. Cause that sounds impossible right about now lolGosh I have photos to post, but I don't wanna do it from my sidekick. Yo necesito una computadora para el blog.[I think I need to express myself..whatever that means lol]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chip and Oreo

They are a hand full, yet sooo sweet.. I enjoyed kittysitting. Can't wait to see my cutie-pattie when I go to savannah! I was gonna post some more photos from this weekend.. But I will wait :]Sleepy.

Studio 150

theres a few shots from Mike tonight, it was so nice seeing him, we havent worked together in monnnths, yet our stuff always comes out nice. He wanted to catch me doing some dancer-like moves lol, I was like "umm my jeans are pretty tight.. But I will try!", somehow it worked.. But if I wasnt in those jeans it would really look good. I just kept jumping over and over, I'm surprised at how graceful I look.. Rather then having a not-so-striking face lol.

So I THOUGHT that me and Marc Turnley were going to be working one-on-one today.. I was wrong lol. He brought me in today as a model for one of his photography groups again (that was literally 1 block up from my old job in midtown atl), there was like 6 photographers. It was pretty cool actually, and I got some cool clothes out of it :]

Man so marc and his assistance molly came knocking at the door, and I got thrown off cause I was busy trying to gather my makeup, make sure the cats had food while I was gone etc.. Which led me to FORGET MY CELLPHONE AT HOME. Ahhh this is the 3rd time I've done this recently! Its like I start rushing, and completely forget about it, yet its something that I'm always using so how could I over look it?! I was anxious to get back to my phone, because I knew someone would be worried about where I was :[ Not only that but I wanted to chitchat lol
I left the house at 3 something in the afternoon, made it back from the photoshoot at about 11:20 tonight. Marc had taken me and molly out to eat afterwards..
we ate, talked, laughed, and watched baseball on one of the numerous tvs in there.
--another tv had caught my attention... It was a fight on spike tv, and made me think "I need to get home to my phone asap"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a day

Way too long.. Been up since 6am... now its 6:10am on easter morning. Today will be MINE.Blog later, partied
I woke up officially at like 1pm with like 10 textmessages from people saying happy easter, and aim ims! (Happy easter everyone..this is a regular day for me)
--so I had to push myself to get up, and take my guyfriend lloyd to the train station at 8am.. but once I got back home, I got right in bed again.

My friends pushed me to go out to the club lastnight, I so didn't wanna go cause I wasn't feeling well. I've finally come to the conclusion that its my ALLERGIES that's making me feel crappy lately. I just get bad headaches, irritated eyes, and a hoarse voice.. Enough to make me just wanna lounge at home all day long. So yeah I went out lastnight, we didn't make it to the club until 2:20am or so cause lloyd is ALWAYS late (like the average gay guy that takes forever lol), left the club at 5am. that's so out of control on so many levels, I'm not even a night owl.. So I was super sleepy already.

Earlier that day, me and lloyd went to lenox mall and chilled.. Met up with some buddies, hung with jazz.. Yeah we had a nice time there.
We took a lot of photos... I need to get those from them and post :]

Man I feel like DEATH now lol. From this day on, I'm only going to the club if I WANT TO, and not to please others..cause I knew my body couldn't handle that lol. I mean I had fun, the club was packed, TERRY WAS THERE :hugs: ..lots of friends were out that I hadn't seen in a long time.. but I was getting bored in there at times. I give that night at the club night a 7 out of 10.

Let me get this off of my chest.. Going to the gay clubs you see some interesting things that you won't see in straight clubs.. I could walk in the gayclub naked if I wanted to, but I wouldn't lol. I wanna know why this girl decided to wear a tube top, panties, and WEDGED higheels to the club.. Wtf? Did I mention that it was like those boyshort/thong underwear? I mean she was droppin it and everything on that nasty floor.. I just shook my head like "are you serious?" I wonder where were her friends when she was getting dressed for the club? Maybe she was rushing and forgot her pants lol

Oh and to end this blog.. Guess who sent me a disturbing text message this morning after not hearing from them in some weeks. THE STALKER

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its your eyes!

Or at least that's what Matt always tells me lol.. then he zooms in catches the flame in them :]
Powerful picture.

Ok time to start blabbering about everything lol
So today was nate's birthday (my dance partner/exroommate) he's actually having a celebration for it tomorrow night at the upscale lounge downtown, I'm trying to make it out therrrre.. we shall see though.::phone ringing::: who the heck is C.J.? I have so many numbers in my phone due to networking and crap yet I don't know 15% of them. I just save the numbers for whenever they do call me, which is useless now that I think about it.. being that I'm horrible with names. I need to delete numbers now.

I decided to wash my hair today. I bought new products, and the shampoo was amazinggg! yet when I got to the conditioner (which is also the step where I comb my hair) It wasn't working.. That when I read the bottle and discovered that its a leave-in conditioner.. Wtf? I just needed regular rich conditioner!
Some people may not understand why I talk about my hair so much, but its such a huge deal aside from MOST womens hair lol (esp if its not natural hair). My hair has to be cared for 100x more compared to the average head of hair, because its texture.. as its called kinky/coily. Very HIGH maintenance (meaning I can't put just anything in it), yet simple products do the job.
Now from that simple mistake of grabbing a leave-in conditioner, rather then a regular conditioner.. I couldn't do anything to my hair today. I couldn't comb it out, Its so tangled :[
Tomorrow, I will wash my hair again with that grand shampoo, and ATTEMPT to comb it out while the shampoo is in there instead.
wish me luck.. Hopefully I can gain energy to try again : /

Anyway, I'm gonna be kittysitting this weekend.. watching after the 2 bad boys Chip and Oreo. Those cats are so sweet though! They're also Cutie-Patutie's homeboys.. or at least Oreo is lol.
Did I mention that I'm NOT gonna be in woodstock? I'm gonna be in sandy springs! from friday-tuesday or something like that while watching them..know what that means?! ACCESS TO MARTA! I can hop my butt on the bus/train and go wherever the heck I please :]
Yeah so once I told nate that, he called me back and said "ohh I'm glad you're gonna be in sandy springs.. we are performing saturday night at a fashion show, and I don't have a main girl to dance with. I need you to dance" wtf lol that was really spur of the moment. I might dance though, since I've been missing out.. being in woodstock and all (gay)

To top it off I got a call from the great photographer Marc Turnley, he wants to do a photoshoot with me on monday in Little 5 Points! Technically, this is our FIRST photoshoot together. Any other time he brings me around, he brings me as a model for other photographers to take photos.. which have all been photography groups (nice paying gigs might I add :]) So in cases like those, he only has taken a few photos of me when no one else was at the moment... so this one-on-one time should be fun, and well worth it...

I hope its not cold in the morning.. I HATE running in the cold!!!
Let me catch Zzz'z

Little Miss Chatterbox

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1 month

Until V-Day (Vanisha's birthday) that's amazing.. I will be 22 very soon. I want to celebrate it somehow.

Today I lounged for the most part.. My energy is different tonight.. Just a lot of thoughts running through my mind--

Someone gave me SLIM's CD called "Love's Crazy" it has hidden messages.. so I've been toldListen to this love song..its beautiful and made me smile today, I like keyshia cole :] the name of the song is "you complete me"

Random thought.. always follow your heart when you love someone, I've been seeing a lot of peoples situations lately, and even my own.. Some situations good.. Some are bad, but they all boil down to the same basic facts of love, follow your heart.. Just never let "love" get away, keep your eyes on the price :] cause while you're snoozing you could be losing!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I love this movie!

I was in the movie theater to see this the first day that it came out, and then I went to see it the very NEXT DAY with my sister, AGAIN.. haha. This movie was SO GOOD, I love it! I can't believe I don't own it on DVD, nor can I believe that I haven't seen it ever since those 2 times!!!But guess what!? they're playing it like 3 times tomorrow on HBO, I'm so excited I can't even wait.. I set my alarm to remind myself that it'll be on at 9:05am lolYayyyyy!!!!Ok I'm going to bed.. I've lounged all day long :]

I go wherever the wind takes me.

I had a nice workout tonight at the gym.. Feeling nice and relaxed! My 7 day free pass expires tomorrow so I enjoyed it while I had it lol. so I will be running in the mornings again.--now back to that subject about me moving. Jessica is selling her house, cause she's tired of living so far away from the city. So with that being said, I'm gonna go to savannah for a little. Prior to me living with jessica, I was planning to go back to savannah for a month just to spend time with my family, since my stepfather had passed away.. But there was a change of plans. So now, I'm missing all of my people in savannah, my mother, my middle sister andrea, friends..heck, I miss my Cutie-Patutie (my cat) he hasn't seen his mommy (me lol) since jan.! I'm excited about doing this, because I know I will really enjoy myself (other then hearing my mothers mouth here and there lol) yet I know my buddies here are gonna give me a hard time about it. Just keep in mind I'm moving back to Atlanta (NO!
HERE AGAIN), and aside from that.. My savannah buddies come to atlanta like every weekend so I will be coming too... its a 4 hour drive.-- consider this savannah stay... A NICE VISIT/VACATIONBy the way... I'm going down there next month lol.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Look what I found

From one of my old photoshoots with Vincent this past summer, hm I was out of shape here : / Okay now I wanna redo that, cause my stomach looks way better now lollook at how bright my hair was.. Geez

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Burnt out.

I had a ball riding the train today. I got lost a few times, since I hadn't done it in so long lol.. But its so easy to figure it out.What a long day of modeling! I had 2 photoshoots that seemed to last forever, most def got the job done though :]The last shoot was at a BASHMENT PARTY lol in other words a Caribbean party lol. Loud reggae music playing, I spent most of the time go-go-windin my hips lol. We went there early before the party started to avoid the crowd.. But you know I was havin my own party on the dance floor alone lol.--why did I drink the punch? why do I always think that everything is non-alcoholic? geez...well maybe because they called it PUNCH! Lol.. I got a serious surprise when I sipped it. burned going down!! I took photos with it though, like I was drinking it lol. I've been having more and more run-ins with alcohol.. Everyone wants to get me drunk .. Not happening! LolThe club owner invited me to come party on friday for the Carnival celebration!! I
wanna experience that so so so bad. Who knows. I'm tired.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My motivation

Yup Hillary's body is a killer in this picture... once I was shown this photo, I got motivated. {thanks brb :]}I just jumped up like, "ok what do I do to get like that!?" lol I mean.. I am on the right track already, but I obviously need to do more..with the upper body work outs too :] I want my waistline to look like that!!Yesterday I over did it on my leg workout at the gym : / (1 hour on lower body). I was hitting those machines obsessively lol. And today I did a loooot of upper body, I will be sore in the morning. If I'm not sore, then I will be very surprised. Dang it today was supposed to be my NO WORKOUT day.. yeah right. I have 2 photo shoots tomorrow $$$ a little bothered that I gave one of the photographers a $75 dollar discount, stupid. I just agreed.. Why? Because I'm so sweet as freaking usual... he's really cool, and I've worked with him like 4 other times.. but I sure could've used that money lol. I basically gave him a free hour of my time.. I believe I did c!
harge him
75 an hour. Crappers.---Tomorrow I will hop on the train!! I HAVEN'T BEEN ON THE TRAIN SINCE THIS YEAR STARTED lol I miss the train!! Hate the buses though.So yeah, two photoshoots back to back!Oh yeah.... I might be relocating again way sooner then what I thought. I shall tell that later

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A deep song I love..

I'm holding on a rope, got me 10 feet off the groundAnd I'm hearin what youre sayin, but I just can't make a sound..You tell me that you need, me then you go and cut me down...But wait..You tell me that you're sorry, and didn't think I'd turn around and say: That it's too late to apologize, its too late, I said it's too late to apologize, its too lateI'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you..I need you like a heart needs a beat, but thats nothing new..Yeah, yeah..I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blueAnd you say.."Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you..But I'm afraidIt's too late to apologizeIts too lateI said it's too late to apologizeIts too lateI'm holding on a ropeGot me 10 feet.. off the ground---um yeah, this song carried me through my tough moments, that second verse is something serious. I've let that rope go, I'm proud of myself :]